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When developers with far more advanced hardware have less imagination it is not surprising people are exited for this.

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Seems like a good Idea to have learning models assist with npc dialogue. Their writers can focus on writing more impactful dialogue elsewhere in their games. Imagine working as an artist for a company like Naughty Dog but you end up texturing barrels because they need texturing but there are no tools to make that mundane task easier.

I can't imagine anyone who has demonstrated enough skill to work at company like Ubisoft would want to spend their days writing mundane di...

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I have much respect for a studio that can reboot an iconic franchise well but even more for one that can walk away from one. I am reminded of Bungie being willing to walk away from Halo but being able to build Destiny. They could have failed to make anything of Destiny but they gave it a shot. CD are a talented bunch, it would be cool for them to make something original but they have to do what they have to do.

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The reboot and its sequel pre-date UC4 and I can't imagine the prior Uncharted games inspired them to make the game less linear. CD did a good Job rebooting the franchise.

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Good, let the wheat be separated from the chaff lol.

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The glory days day one dlc, Microsoft points, online passes and horse armour.

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The article concerns statements made directly to the press including ones that don't appear in any response to a regulatory body even in a redacted form. Both Spencer and Ryan made statements to and the NYT to a name a few.

For example, Phil Spencer spoke directly to The Verge about an agreement they offered to Sony in January and Jim Ryan replied when he spoke to

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343i and Microsoft should really consider doing what Bungie did and let Halo go. Bungie concluded the Master Chief era of Halo games quite well. 343i tried and failed to continue it. Now Master Chief is back with a fresh Cortana fighting the covenant on a halo ring while uncovering the mysteries of yet another collective of ancient aliens. The multiplayer is free to play and a live service minus the service, missing content that was included in the box under bungie.

Does an...

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The Matrix Awakens demo can run on a Series S. If you had any doubts surely that demo cleared it up. We have entered a period where game design is far behind the technology.

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New I.P have can have the ability to sell systems as well. It can't all be sequels and remakes.

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Microsoft have indulged in their fair share of shenanigans over the years, The kinect NSA controversy, the always online console, the introduction of buying monopoly money like Microsoft points to buy things, MTs in full priced games like Forza 5 and Halo 5, charging people to play multiplayer games and until recently even if they were free to play and in the spirit of not forgetting, they have their own history with melting hardware. The list goes on. Microsoft have in no way earned the leve...

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Google clearly don't want the smoke given what has happened to Stadia but Tencent and Amazon are in for a penny in for a pound. Tencent purchased a stake in Epic and purchased Riot games over 10 years ago. Amazon games have also been in the biz for over 10 years and recently found some success with New World and Lost Ark.

What exactly would be the issue with either of them owning Activision?

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The Matrix and Lumen demo from Epic is a taste of what this generation can truly do. We have not seen anything quite like them yet. Even the games on the horizon like FF16 or Starfield don't look that good. If we really look at what is coming next year nothing looks that good. Forbidden West looks great but not Lumen great perhaps apart from the characters which Forbidden West does really well.

It does not help that covid has caused delays and maybe even outright cancel...

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Evercrack 3 incoming!

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Stadia finally joins the graveyard.

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Isn't that exactly what Google and Amazon are doing with Stadia and Luna? Sony and Microsoft in particular have become accustomed to putting high end hardware in their systems and just eating the cost, so their hardware actually makes a loss even though they are selling them.

The more they sell the more of a loss they make unless they take a cut of 3rd party software, sell all manner of trinkets and services. If you are going to eat the hardware cost anyway what differe...

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Just like Burger Kings' International Women's day tweet. Awkwardly phrased, ill timed and delivered with big fellow gamer energy to top it all off.

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They could bring that to PC and console like they did the pocket edition of FFXV.

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Considering what they showed gameplay of, people were going to ask for a CGI trailer. What people expected was gameplay for Avowed, State of Decay 3, Everwild, Hellblade, Fable, Motorsport, games that were announced in 2020 and 2019.

The complaint about CGI trailers is not just at these shows in general but specifically at Xbox as well. Where is the gameplay from XGS? This was the big Xbox summer showcase and there were tons of announcements that just did not need to be the...

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There you have it, Xbox's first party fall game.

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