I daily fart on the green X.
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Looks rather meh controller TBH, good for those who like mediocre stuff like this.

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Looking forward to play goty 2015 again.

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Playstations are the best consoles though nintendo is a very very close second. Can't remember any other worthwhile manufacturers besides these two.

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Considering the rubbish performance of GOW ultimate on xbone, can't wait for pc version, the way it was meant to be played.

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2016, the green coffin will finally be buried deep under the ground. Exciting times ahead.

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Great news for ps4 and pc gamers.
Good job capcom.

Can't wait for SF5.

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"Xbox one has become a force to reckon with"


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Looks great. Can't wait for PSX.

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Thank you xbox one for being around

So ps4 can dominate over you.

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Sounds really exciting. Can't wait to try the best mp of 2015 in december.

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I'll take ps2 emulation on ps4, thank you.

Ps2 had real gems, couldn't say the same about xb360. (:

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No worries, millions coming to play the xbox version after seeing the ad ms posted in the newspaper.

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Okay bundles there MS but still not buying one. Thank you.

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Bloodborne FTW.

Sweet sweet 90+ meta. (:

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Looks amazing.

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Line up apologists.
Wondering if Septic starts a thread about this too on neogaf just like he did for ND:-



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So like kinect surveillance system then?

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Maybe CD jinxed it by calling it Rise of tomb raider. Should have called it fall of tomb raider ( which actually is the case ), might have sold a few more copies.

Anyways, MS wasted a lots of money on a game that barely moved any systems and got crushed by the titan FO4.
I'll show some pity over SE and will buy ROTR in steam sale for a tenner max. I am a kindhearted guy after all. :)

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Cool. Will buy on ps4.Heard good things about this game from Pc gamers

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Great game, and well successful for a remaster, contrary to the beliefs of a certain cult here. Lol.
Now bring on uc4 ND. Can't wait.

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