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360 sold for 20k???? It sold for only 7k when LO was debuted, and u expect it to drive sales to another 13k after 2 weeks. I don't blame you since apparently many 360 fanboys are incapable to understand basic math and the relativity of time.

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lol bubble for u since the Mart actually posted right after u did.

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lol you are kinda right XD.

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I have actually biko 1 or 2 with a group of friends like 8-9 years ago XD. A female friend walked in and we all freaked out. The game sucks and we were just curious back then.

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Let's hope that the aliens are not purple and green midgets as in halo.

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Why do I get the feeling that 360 fans, especially those who are Americans, seem to hate Japanese games? Many of the upcomming next gen titles such as ff13 and mgs4 are developed by Japanese. I like fps with gore too, but I also prefer games with an actual story line.

And anyone who think halo has a good story is delusional.

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by that logic wiifit will sell like hotcakes in America lol.

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Half a million ps3 have been sold in India, so in terms of hardware sales in China, ps3 should do a pretty good job.

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Simon Fraser??? Hey that's my university.

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How can the 360 wins when it fails in asian regions and only do well in the UK and NA? India and China are expanding gaming markets, and no doubt that they won't choose 360 as their next gen consoles.

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Where's the power brick? lol

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If it's going to be remade, it is going to be made exclusively for the ps3, as square wants to utilize the full specification of the ps3 for the title. On the other hand, if LO fails to boost sales in Japan, then it will have absoultely no chance in NA. It seems that jrpg and 360 don't mix.

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Except for the UK, ps3 is slowly dominating Europe.

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Seriously I get fed up with the bots saying that this game is comming to 360. It won't period. Stop giving urself false hope.

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I think Ameria is screwed and further alienated if neither Obama or Ron Paul is elected.

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I want a I haven't played for ds for quite a while now.

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LO takes up 4 disc, one has to wonder how many disc ff13 will take up if it's on dvds. I am guessing at least 6-7 discs, which is one of the main reasons why the game will never be on 360.

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With MOD and MOUSE support, ps3 is at least the best console version.

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It may be staged but so what? Not as staged as the Most addictive game fueled by Dew isn't it.

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LO only pushed 360 sales to 7000 a week, so it is actually not doing that well. It's doing alrite with the small 360 user base, but in terms of sales and hardware generation it is doing not that well really.
I wonder how LO is perceived though, since Sagaguchi did a horrible job on blue dragon.

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