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Armyless, it would also help if Americans understand that Iraq has nothing to do with 911.

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Not everything revolves around video games. People hate Bush because he is a war criminal.

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Someone took my bubble for saying bad things about Bush. Whoever that Bush supporter is, shame on you.

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Is that a surprise since Bush is a war criminal himself XD.

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I got a 60 gig, but I wouldn't sell it.

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No doubt that this will be a really fun game. I am buying it for pc.

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True, people buy ps3 for mgs4. Bubble up!

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It will be great, but not console pushing since my friends and I, and many others, are buying it for the PC. Let's face it, most people will buy the pc version over the other since the requirement is not high.

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I like the color black better. Once you go black, u can't go back.

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Many of my friends, who currently own a wii, are planning to buy a ps3 soon. Let's be realistic here, with so many original and killer titles, ps3 is going to win big in 2008. I think it's silly to deny the fact that ps3 will own this year.

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I agree with Kigmal that it will suck balls lol. Well, has there ever be a good movie based game? Except for Chronicles of Riddick, I can't think of one.

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The anime and games are utlra popular in Japan and other asian countries, so this will sell like crazy in Japan at the very least.

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The irony is if Bladestar only cares about America, then why is he always talking about worldwwide/total sales of consoles?

Anywyas, I live in Canada and I care about sales of all markets.

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it is 3 times in the US. This is NA number isn't it? The total fanbase is 1.6x but in US it is 3x

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Devil May Cry 4 (360) 81,190 566,932
Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) 62,364 343,660

360 has 3X the install base than the ps3, yet it couldn't outsell 2X more with dmc4. Who says ps3 owners don't buy games? Try again.

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It does look like ps 1 or 2 game, but it's fun. That's the reason why ps3 fans, unlike the other fanbase, loves jrpg. Gameplay in a jprg comes first, grapic second.

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I always use the words pre-emptive strike to describe how the 360 has the lead simply because it has the headstart. Bubble up since u use that word lol.

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Isn't North America the last stronghold for 360? What happened? XD
Ps3 is basically selling pretty good worldwide. Why always mention USA when it is not the only country in the world?

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So now 2 mega ps3 games have been annoucned. Eight days counts as one since i thought it is cancelled.

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Can the wii handle the game though? The game has pretty good grahpic if I remember correctly.

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