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Andor has been terrific though

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It's now a free giant obviously. And also like everyone said, though I've beaten this game but it's too early for these kinds of spoilers. Even the thumb image is a spoiler

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I just beat it last night. Trying to do the after Ragnarok missions

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PS exclusives keep breaking records endlessly, each generation. It's just a matter of time before another PS exclusive breaks this record. That just tells you how great these games have been. I've been playing Ragnarok it's really amazing. Watching kratos even at his age still learning new things and having character development is a thing to see.

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Raziel and kain definitely need a come back. A Remake of soul reaver and blood omen would be nothing short of amazing

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Well anyone who's finished GoW 2018 knows that the Egyptian, Celtic and Shinto pantheons were teased. Either of those will most likely be the next way the series goes.

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I mean halo infinite was delayed and still came out average. So Phil's confidence in delaying starfield isn't saying much

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I'm getting mine today. I'm here at work just day dreaming about playing it later today lol

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At what point are we gonna stop calling current gen next gen?

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Darth, ascension was a masterpiece. Who are these ' some' you speak about?

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It's amazing how the gamers themselves all knew stadia was dead on arrival but the arrogance of these companies will always blind them. good riddance.

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Common sense is supposed to last. But we know how Konami is, one can only hope this is a sign that they're finally getting their senses back.

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I never got to play the first 2 Witcher games so this is great news for people like me. I hope Witcher 2 also gets this treatment

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Is anyone truly surprised? All the trailers and videos they have shown for this game has looked exactly like a 5/10 game. Arkham knights on last gen even has better graphics than this, and even the gameplay of that feels better than this. It's a shame really, a big missed opportunity.

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I don't even recall crisis core being a remake. It was officially unveiled as a remaster and it seems till date most people including the article don't fully comprehend the difference between a remake and a remaster.

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Modern means "the message". What a disappointment.

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It always looked too good to be fake. Personally I'm really glad with what I saw, it looks like it's gonna be another great game from rockstar. Though they confirmed this, I do hope there will truly be no extra delays because of the leaks

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Looks really good for real. When kratos said 'death can have me when it earns me'...cold! Day 0 😅

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When they started fighting immediately with the same graphics, I was like oh shit! Looks really good

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