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Hardly. Looks as original as the Vii.

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Looks like a twelve-year old wrote this list. Too bad he's right.

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You remember when anyone took you seriously? Edge has established a successful magazine, just because their scores don't agree with you doesn't mean they're bad. They're honest, which is a really good thing.

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At least Wii can support 4 players at once.

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Really? Mass Effect 2 was just released.

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Oh lol, look at that thing. It's like a Wii with better graphics, just for 4x more. $300 dollars for system + $100 dollars for remote and game + tax.

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We are just too jealous, I mean look at that. It's so original, the concept, the nunchuck!

My god, Sony is just too original. They even did a good job of copying something and making it look totally new and fresh.

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Rofl, you guys are so butthurt. Go play your Sony Wii.

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"God of War III is beautiful. It's bloody. It's brilliant. But it's not perfect." -PSM Review for God of War 3

"But it's not perfect."
"But it's not perfect."

Sure is biased media in here.

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This game looks so good, the lighting is incredible. Too bad PS3 owners will never get a taste of this, have fun with your QTE games and interactive movies.

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PC > 360 > Wii > Sh1t > PS3

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I like how PS3 fanboys are bragging about this game being better on their console. Have fun with it.

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Herp derp, conservative, judgmental pricks in here. Only PS3 fanboys.

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I think it's hilarious how PS3 fanboys are bragging about a crap game being better on their console, but they fail to understand that it's still a crappy game even if you play it on the PS3.

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Believe me, it doesn't have as big as a community as Halo. Also the last Socom sucked...a lot. Zipper hasn't made any good games either. They also talk a lot of crap about Xbox games, but the sad part is, they can't dev any good games themselves.

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Meh, this is the worst FF in the series. I'll just finish lost odyssey, it's a great game.

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Nice, another mediocre shooter for Sony.

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Nice shoop, anyone could do that.

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Oh god, even Sony devs are immature.

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The beta codes come with a free 48 hr. XBL pass in case you haven't renewed.

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