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But, cl1983, these chests really need the Internet to access in game because they have such sweet loot that you need cloud servers to process them spawning.

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Reducing content to adhere to ESRB isn't censorship. They could choose to not censor their content to get a higher age-required rating, but they chose to censor themselves for a lower rating.

***Aksys also issued a statement on the matter, explaining that the ESRB found the image “offensive” and so in order to retain the ‘M’ for Mature rating and not get hit with the death knell that is the AO+ rating, they complied and removed the image, stating on November 1st, 2018…*...

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It has great potential as far as setting and story go, but if it's the same presentation and gameplay, count me out. I'd rather see it moved more in line with a mix of shooter and RPG and definitely way more open of a world. Add in the ability to choose when to be stealthy or guns-a-blazing and it would be even better.

Also, let's not have crap boss battles, eh? Just horribly boring events in the first that didn't aid at all in making all those forced cut sc...

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Not at all. I've had my GM car demolished because they closed a plant, burnt my Nike $300 shoes because they use a person I don't like for market. This is just normal, every day reaction stuff. I'm 100% willing to go with a platform that won't half any of the games I'm playing over the one that does have them in spades. There's no such thing as just deciding to support one over the other when possible but still taking advantage of Sony products, it's all or nothing...

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I did ask "and why?" though :D

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Is everyone in this game a female NPC?

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This should be clear on how much these companies, no matter how much you love their games, will try to nickel and dime you. Lootboxes or CE gear, a lot of them have the goal at maximizing profits, not gamer desires.

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No, it means you can't download games in your library. You only can't access online features, like UPlay stuff. And, of course, MP focused games are also inaccessible (like Fortnite BR and Destiny 2).

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I think this goes for both the PS4 and the S. This late in the game, they should be throwing the hardware away to up software sales and market reach leading into next generation.

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@gamingunited: Try reading reports next time. It was failed because "already fixed. hours ago". That's a little different than this time when it was still down for almost 40 minutes while it was approved.

Edit: @below Not really a way to argue with you as you ignore the difference in news reported immediately and news reported hours later when it was fixed. I don't see anyone here claiming Sony is literally doomed, it's only been joking references fo...

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40+ minute downtime is longer than usual for PSN downtimes. Usually it's 20m or so.

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Zero. Everything must run perfectly or else. Now, about all those taxes you pay for those mismanaged services that the government provides...

It's a minor thing, let's not make it major. But, it's good to tell people when they don't have access to something so they can do better things with their time while it gets resolved.

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I wouldn't mind a green arrow game if it had nothing to do with the shows at all. It's already set up for equipment upgrades with the arrows and could evolve traversal concepts as well as physical and close-proximity abilities. He's also not super powered, so you wouldn't have to create unreasonably powerful enemies for him to fight and they could be more diverse in concept without having to worry about being "not powerful enough."

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Was approved 28m ago (submitted 36m ago). That's not 10m.

And, sadly, I'm in NA, and it is not back up for me yet. I can watch Netflix/Hulu/Youtube/etc., but not access online content/games yet.

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It's approved and https://i.imgur.com/zzcKEQ8...

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I'm uncertain on PS. Not enough "dates" to confirm it yet (where the $%#* is Dreams release date?). It might be Switch.

2020 and 2021, those will be very interesting years, though.

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It's a good RPG system. Pulled mostly from the PnP d20 system. Good rules set is key to allowing for good action, and it did it well.

I kind of wish the movies addressed the Old Republic stories more than the future it has explored.

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If they adjust certain things, all of them can be ported. Less people in Unity, lower resolution people and environments in Unity and Syndicate.

I think it's possible, but I can't guarantee it will be 'good' on small screen, might be best on the TV.

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@anonymousfan: Playing AC Brotherhood right now. The movement is so much better than AC1 or 2. Just miles better. Like a generational leap, even. Why I picked up the collection for $12 a while ago. Never played brotherhood or revelations.

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