PS4/PC/WiiU = The Best of All Worlds
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@parentsbasement - so doing "other things" that have nothing to do with Battlefield while you play the game makes it a "better" game on xbox? Sorry pal, but you're going to have a hard time convincing people with that weak logic. Try again.

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@kilkrazy - The point is the original comment made no sense. PS4 gamers have tons of FPS games to choose from like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Wolfenstein, Killzone etc... Xbox only has 2 shooters PS4 doesnt (and one of them can be played on PC like many people that dont own an Xone did). Lets not act like xbox is cornering the market on shooters.

Also, if hes going to base his assumptions of what PS4 gamers like based on quality of reviews, then the truth is PS4 has other bet...

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For me, the higher resolution and the fact I have more friends playing Battlefield on PS4 make it better. Your "snapping" can't change that.

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@Foehammer - Im sure PS4 gamers dont mind Battlefield Hardlines Metacritic score of 74 when they have other Metacritic masterpieces like The Last of Us Remastered (95) and Bloodborne (93) to also enjoy.

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Same thing the PS4 does every Christmas. Celebrate the end to a very successful year. Last holiday season, xbox also had a Halo and Forza game and it did nothing to stop the PS4's worldwide lead from growing even bigger. In fact, Sony "gambled" on DriveClub and LBP3 and the PS4 was just fine and still sold very well over the holidays.

It amazes me how some people think November in the U.S. is all that matters. They forget the year has 11 other months. Sony has a...

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More good news for Bloodborne. Its great to see a fantastic new IP game being supported by the gaming community. Although The Order 1886 didnt receive the same level of praise as Bloodborne, it also did pretty well in sales for a new IP franchise. Good to see Sony doing well with their new IPs.

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Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued worldwide success. No doubt dropping Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and MLB15 The Show has helped Sony move a lot of those PS4 units in the first quarter.

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Cant say Im surprised based on what we've been hearing the past few weeks about the game. But like I always say, Id rather a delayed game be good than a rushed game be a buggy mess.

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@MichaelLito -

PS4 still has:
- Hohokum
- Super StarDust Ultra
- Killzone Shadow Fall
- DriveClub
- Doki Doki Universe
- The Order 1886
- Flower
- Sound Shapes
- Escape Plan

The point still stands, PS4 has more first party published games than Xone. Go take a look at the complete list at

Note: Another FYI...Minecraft may now be owned by MS, but the game is...

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@TwoFace - I have both Bloodborne and Ori & The Blind Forest. Both are good games, no question. But Bloodborne(92) is higher rated than both Ori(89) and Cities Skyline(86).

Also, I was speaking in terms of AAA exclusive retail games. And as far as AAA exclusive retail games go, Bloodborne is the first game to set the bar high in 2015.

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Congrats to Bloodborne. I agree, its a fantastic game no matter what language you speak. Definitely the first "must have" gem of 2015.

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After hitting a few speed bumps at launch, DriveClub has gone on to become a very good new IP racing game. I would love to see what Evolution is capable of doing with Motorstorm on the PS4.

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Im a little confused by your statement. In terms of first party published games, the winner is still PS4.

List of Sony First Party published games:
- The Last of Us (95)
- Bloodborne (92)
- Resogun (84)
- MLB14 The Show (83)
- MLB15 The Show
- The Unfinished Swan (83)
- HellDivers (81)
- Infamous Second Son (80)
- LittleBigPlanet 3 (79)

Note: Just a quick FYI...Titanfall was published b...

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@Wesker - PS4 already dropped 3 games so far this year with Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and MLB15The Show. How many big retail games is Xone scheduled to drop from January until the Holidays? Grow up dude, you're making all us gamers look bad.

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Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses. But in terms of which system is ahead, its still the PS4. Not only is the PS4s worldwide sales lead continuing to grow every month, but PS4 also has the 2 highest rated AAA retail exclusive games: The Last of Us Remastered (95) and Bloodborne (93), backed up by an overall pretty solid lineup of games that span across all genres like Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall, MLB The Show, LBP3, DriveClub etc...and PS4 still has the deepest lib...

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My friends and I are super amped to play this on the PS4. Can't wait. That new limited edition Batman PS4 looks awesome too.

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The entire Resistance franchise was under rated, but an awesome series. Even if it's true Insomniac isn't working on Resistance 4, that doesn't mean it's not being worked on. Sony owns the IP and can have another studio working on it. Sony Bend did a great job with Resistance Retribution on PSP a few years back. And we already know Sony Bend is working on something for the PS4.

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But if you have an Xbox one, you wont be able to play MLB15 The Show! No thanks, I'm perfectly fine playing a quick exhibition game while the game installs.

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@borneblood - you're not forced to do anything. If you don't need a tutorial lesson, just let the install meter in the upper left hand corner screen fill up for 10 min and then go straight into the game. The tutorial is optional for first time players of MLB The Show or someone that wants to refresh their memories of the control layout.

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I would love a return of the Syphon Filter series on the PS4. I'll even take a Syphon Filter game on the Vita. Syphon Filter Dark Mirror and Logans Shadow were great games on the PSP. Hopefully its one of the new PlayStation games we hear about at E3.

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