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About as much as we need another of your negative Xbox, pro Sony comments. Lame.

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When the legal argument fails, then the system is corrupt. Fanboy logic 101.

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Kojima doesn't work for free? Whatever next

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The irony......

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It's not desperation, it's called business and happens in every business sector. The fear of fanboys is hilarious.

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@mr_cheese thats how every business in every field works. Acquisition, expansion, growth. In your analogy you've described what every company does, including Sony. You can't take size into account, it's irrelevant. You either do it, or you don't, and they all do it.

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Sony are the desperate company trying to stifle what their competitors are doing.

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Need some help finding Specsavers?

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S2killinit - in your constant hate for Xbox you once again forget MS didn't invent subscription services on consoles. They also aren't the market leader and can't push the industry anywhere. If the console you clearly worship has a subscription service that is entirely their own commercial decision and makes them the same as everyone else.

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Total made up BS to support your constant anti-MS bias. Show us evidence it isn't growing like they wish or give it a rest

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Or those gamers are not lemmings and make their own minds up whether they enjoy the game. Look at the overwhelming positive comments in this article, are you suggesting everyone is in denial?

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@EvertonFC your post history shows youre a complete fake. You even used the term Xbots the other day. Get real.

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@HenryFF - a 2 point better score over a 5 year old game that looks almost as good visually.

I guess if you're desperate for a win and you can get over the stupidity of your argument then go for it. Lets hope GT7's actual competitor, FM8, doesn't score better otherwise you'll have to change your user name again to hide the shame.

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@henryff - Interesting you quote previous Forza scores but handily forget to post the GT scores.

GT Sport - 75
GT6 - 81

Now you look a fool.

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Only a die hard can defend this shit. You have attacked MS for far less, but $70, always online and expensive MT's are OK for Sony. Get real

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When do the trolls get banned?

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@jznrpg do you believe in generations? Oh wait.........

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Sport was awful and by far the worst in the series.

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But they still then paid?

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