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Hahaha!! Good one.

Although I don't think many here got the Billy Madison reference. XD

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Since you own 2, have you tried plugging one into another for further anti-aliasing? Wonder if it even works combined?

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These figures make the game seem close to being dEAd on arrival.

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@Jinger "Except you forgot about the part where Ninja Theory themselves said they will still retain their creative control over their projects"

Heh, guess we'll see if that holds true. :)

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This machine was always somewhat of a mystery to me. I had no idea there were so many models of this thing. Didn't even know other companies also manufactured it. And I don't ever remember seeing it for sale anywhere in the 90s.

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"I don´t understand why you´re so confused. You perfectly described Microsoft's future console/service roadmap. :/"

I'm confused because this article is talking about them "gearing up to start next gen with a head start". If they're forgoing generations, then Scarlet would be another Xbox added to the Xbox One family, no? And if Scarlet were somehow to be considered "their next gen console&q...

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"Is Microsoft gearing up to start next gen with a head start?"

I'm honestly really confused about their console/service roadmap. Are they going to be releasing a new console every so often and keep games backwards compatible with the previous one(s)? For example, Scarlet launches and it's games being playable on XBX (and possibly S and base Xbox One)? Isn't their plan to forgo console generations?

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@Skull: Only "pretty sure"? lol

Seriously though, yes there is. But the two industries will likely cross paths one day. Of course, the ESRB would have a field day.

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And MS was rightfully bashed for that stance. Now are you going to be consistent and say that Sony are in the wrong now that they're blocking it or be a fanboy?


Neither. Since neither one of those two wants to do it while in the lead of the other. Plus, I understand it from a business sense. I just find the whole thing very amusing. It's like the whole "he hit me first argument" kids make. I have a ha...

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PlayStation launched as a standalone platform in the 90s because of how Nintendo totally back-stabbed Sony.
Last gen, MS denied crossplay between PS3 and Xbox360.

Gotta love that Karma... lol

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Don't stop believin'. Hold on to that feelin'...

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@Reaprr "This is pretty much me for most of the gen.

There's been about three exclusives between the two consoles that I've played from start to finish. One of which was an insomniac game too. "

Which Xbox One models do you have?

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Apparently. Personally, I'll wait for some results before I get my hopes up.

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Been there, so I know what you mean.

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Karma's a b****. lol

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@Foxtrot "for me it's where the f*** was the media because I did not see any focus like this when it came to Microsoft last gen on this issue"

I was wondering that last gen as well. And the unnecessary requirement of XBL gold just to use Netflix (which I think they later changed).

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I loved Symphonia.

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It makes sense their viewer numbers would be so high. All the games they show are also for PC Gamers. In addition to this, most titles shown are also playable on PS4. That's 2 reasons why I watched it.

Of course, mobile games being the only exception.

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IMO Remedy definitely knows how to tell a good story. I loved Alan Wake as it kept me very engaged throughout and the soundtrack was very well done. :D From what I saw at the E3 trailer, I'm very much excited for Control. My only concern is I hope they take their time and polish it. I know they are capable.

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I'm excited for it. :D

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