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That's been the Ass Creed artificial 'intelligence' since the first game, nothing has changed or improved in the ensuing 16 years. Typical Ubisoft, jank. Easy pass.

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So click-bait articles about the current year aren't enough anymore. Now we need click-bait articles about next year as well.

When all is said and done, by the time December 31st 2024 hits your calendar, we'll know who had the better line-up, but we sure as heck don't know today. However, if I were a to forced to make a choice between Sony and Microsoft of which exclusive line-up of games I'd rather play in 2024, its an easy one to make. If I have to tell yo...

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"Two months away."

Check your calendar one more time.

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Some people don't like his personality, which I understand. However, this guy changed the action gaming genre, and worked on a lot of good games, check out his credits listings.

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So does that mean Microsoft also wants someone to buy them out?

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For the people who don't know, Outside_ofthe_Box is being sarcastic. He doesn't actually want to see anyone buy CAPCOM.

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Five years? It's been ten years that this loser has been ruining Xbox.

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I can play better versions of these games with more content, on my PS1 / PS2 on a CRT TV, and likely with less bugs and glitches as well. What a shame, they cut corners, low budget, low effort collection. Doesn't bode well for Volume 2.

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What these idiots tried to do was abhorrent and unacceptable. I don't want to buy games made on Unity any more. All devs damn well better steer clear or feel free to lose out on my money.

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I mean that's what I've been expecting for years now, one generation behind, as it has always been since the pathetic Wii's release. Having the portable power of the PS4 in your hands is actually amazing for Nintendo and will be a massive leap over the current wimpy Switch.

Look at what the Steam Deck has, that's basically the ballpark for what Switch 2 will be like, maybe a tiny bit better in some areas.

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Nah, the games they've released since 2015's Phantom Pain have been cheaply budgeted, sloppy, poorly thought-out games. Unless if they start releasing masterpieces again, which they won't because they don't have the talent, nor the willingness to budget for quality games anymore, they aren't worth forgiving.

Just releasing a bunch of emulated classic games, or sloppily porting MGS games onto modern hardware isn't enough. It has to be NEW GAMES, not r...

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I stopped supporting Microsoft after the 2013 Xbox One DRM fiasco. I told myself that I wouldn't forgive them unless they made up for those transgressions, but instead of improving and becoming a better company, they are continuously sunking further and further into despicable scummery.

Its been 10 years now, and I'm still proud of my choice. I'm never going back.

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I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with that douche Aaron Greenberg, but yeah, he's right. Switch is a portable dedicated gaming device, I've been saying that since its reveal in 2016. Nintendo fans are too stubborn to admit that Nintendo has left the console scene back in 2017, which is not a bad thing, they are playing to their strengths these days, which is why they're seeing so much recent success.

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"Get the latest scoop on Metal Gear Solid 6: unveiling potential release dates, gameplay features, and Kojima's involvement."

- There are no scoops.
- There is no potential release date
- No one knows any gameplay features for a game not in development
- Kojima is not involved

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I recently beat Tomb Raider 1 on PS Vita, and I hated it, but I forced myself through it just to get it done.
I'm currently playing Tomb Raider 2, and yet again. I hate it. The controls, paper-thin story, constant cheap kills, enemies with no actual intelligence, frustrating design where door switches and levers are the same color as the wall so they're easy to miss, overly long and boring levels. Ugh, I haven't picked it up in awhile, because its just so boring.

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We have 120 FPS TVs and monitors, but barely any 120 FPS games. If PS5 Pro focused on allowing us 120 FPS games, then that would be great. If its just resolution and ray tracing only, then it'd be a let-down.

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As a former fan of the franchise, nope, I won't play it.

- Worthless plots that go nowhere.

- Filler quests, with modern games having less mission variety than the older games.

- Laziest game design with boring skill trees that too many developers rely on these days.

- Ubisoft has been too greedy for too long intentionally releasing unpolished or downright unfinished games to make a quick buck for Black Friday sal...

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Don't you dare insult my precious Howard the Duck! 🤣🦆😂

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Makes sense since I don't care for either one of their works.

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Translation: Micro-trash-actions and lots of them.

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