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Defense mode activated

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Not gonna lie this was weak asf.

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Recent numbers seem to be underestimated. Wasnt Xbox around 9 and Ps5 around 13? How did they both suddenly lose a million?

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Lmao, man so funny how the universe work. Lol any way bring it on Sony my PC is ready.

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Xbox as a brand is worth over half a trillion and bring 10s of billions of dollars yearly. Like where do yall come up with the stuff you say

If bring in billions quarterly is doing bad please sign me up cause I'd like to do bad lol. I understand you hate Xbox and you wanna see it fa...

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Aint MS worth 2 trillion? Something that, and you think they're doing bad roflmao. You can't make this stuff up

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Something some may not have noticed, equipment upgrades are confirmed and thruster pack

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Amazing!!!! GOTY

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Their holiday season is a bit "sparse" say "the least".....xD

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Hell yeah!

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Not watch I hoped graphically, I was hoping for Halo 2 anniversary type of improvements. I gotta see gameplay, if the shooting is like gta4/5 I may get this

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GodMars, that's Xcloud not GP get it right

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Lol he wrote about literally about nothing. Imma kill your entire post in just 1 sentences.
You need hardware to run software, so your post make 0 sense. Lol

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"It's a PS title"
....not anymore (in my Kratos voice)

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