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This dude is so insecure that he won't even remove his shades to play a game. Sad.

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That's intentional though. It adds realism to the shooting mechanics. Shooting a gun isn't supposed to be like shooting a BB gun.

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Why do people do such stupid things?

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Are you talking about digital trade-ins? I'm not even sure. If you are, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo won't be making money to give back to developers in a system like that. Try to figure out how anything digital works and you'll understand how and why Sony paying you for a digital game you don't want makes absolutely no sense.

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Surely was a foolish example. Your head must really be in the clouds to even bring up a proposal like that.

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Sometimes maybe these people enjoy being regular people in their free time instead of publisher representatives forced to succumb to the nature of PR BS and pander to the feelings of fanboys. He was asked a simple question and answered it with a simple response.

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You want a fight stick on the 3DS?

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It's pretty nice to see COD so far down in the list. Respect for you Japan.

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You obviously haven't seen the first Pokemon movie. Mewtwo established himself as a GOD to the world back then. We won't ever forget that.

But yeah you're just wrong about Lucario. He's another ant for Mewtwo to step on.

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This is exactly what he's talking about. Instead of worrying about the quality of his games, you question his sales? Pft pathetic to find modern day gamers like you.

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Has this "deal" even been confirmed? I knew it as a rumor, but I'm not sure if it's ever been confirmed.

Anyway.....Tri on the Wii was a definite success and Ultimate has sold great on the 3DS also. The Wii U version didn't sell as much, but Capcom were still pleased with the numbers it managed. Japan breathes handheld gaming so it was expected. I'm not sure where you get your news from, but there's absolutely no reason for Capcom to be disappoin...

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COD mostly sucks for the horrendous netcode. The lag in which either you or the opposing player is basically few seconds in future has killed this franchise for me. I'm done. The worst part is: your internet connection doesn't even play a part. The even more baffling thing is this lag exists in local co-op also. Seriously? Splitscreen on the same television and can't even get a fair game. I can have fun losing too, but when it isn't even my fault, why would I bother myself wi...

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Who complains about celebrity and sports stars' salaries? Those people work they ass off for every dollar they get. People pay them for everything they do. They don't put a price on their face and watch the money flow in. They work to earn that price. Charging $40 for this $5 game is outrageous though.

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EDI has always aroused me sexually. But this is just too much.

Godlovesgamers must be boning Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson all at the same time huh.

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It's obvious to tell once you open up the photo, which I'm assuming you didn't do. There's even a Wii U symbol in the top left corner of the Wii u screenshots. Which again I'm assuming you didn't see because you didn't expand the photos.


Get your eyes checked. The graphical e...

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I'm not sure if this means no subspace, but if it does, that kinda bums me out. While it was far from perfect, I think it was a good attempt at a real story type adventure mode in the smash bros universe. All the good and evil characters teaming up to take out eachother with a little story added to it. I thought it was awesome. I was excited to see it improved.

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Show us some freakin real time gameplay already.

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Only an idiot would stick their smartphone in a microwave.

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This is the dumbest comment Iv'e read all day on this website. Congratulations.

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Ghosts was one of the least impressive games at E3.

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