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All the reviews have already praised it, so the only thing left is for the same publications to s**t on the game for clicks. Can only give praise once, clicks don't come easily after that unless it's negative 😂

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I'm not worried that Kojima isn't part of it, the template is already there.
I'm worried because Konami IS part of it.

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If it's happening around year 900-1000, wouldn't it be Persian culture?

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Loved the story, but I agree about the combat. It was basic and fine, but didn't carry all the way through to the end.
Think it would've worked better if you could switch between the characters for a little more variation in basic combinations

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^This. So much this.

His story is ended, and came full circle.
It would be a disservice to the first game if they chose to continue his story.

Hoping for a new protagonist, in a new era of feudal Japans history. Imagine this combat system, while fighting your way through the battle of sekigahara :D

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Primary problem being, that the big dev studios are squeezing apples and oranges together, which results in a complete lack of trust towards them.
I don't trust Blizzard the way i used to, and I for damn sure don't trust Activision

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Just get both and there's no issue :D

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I really like Code Vein, but that one is a bit of a niche title, even for Souls-like fans I think

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The problem with Ubi games especially, is that all their big titles are the same game with different themes at this point.
Other publishers do it, but it's not the only thing in their portfolio of games

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The Italian senate definitely knows

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Jumped ship on the "live services" crap - That's a big red flag in the gaming industry

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This is exactly why I don't like the guy.
I love his passion for Microsoft Gaming, but I'm getting tired of him straight up just lying about intent and purpose.
If you want to consolidate the market and blackmail gamers, that's fine - but be a damn man about it and just give it to us straight, instead of all these empty PR promises.

Game Pass is gonna lit though, god damn

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And who cares, exactly?

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Probably wouldn't have been a big issue, if the multiplayer wasn't so half-assed. The narrative from Dice was, that they wouldn't put in a single player, because it would allow them focus on what they did best, a.k.a. the online components.

Based on what came out though, they apparently have no skills in either any longer. That's why people got pi***d off would be my wager

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Yeah, I'm still on the whole "They offer half a game, I'll give them half of full retail" vibe... There's no way in hell, this is worth 60-70 bucks right out of the gate

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And zero regular people cared... Pronouns, no pronouns - just make good damn game with 16x the details

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There's plenty of gameplay from trailer yesterday though?

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They also do not want censorship and ridiculous consumer practices

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I swear, if Raid Shadow Legends begin popping up in my games, I'm throwing my Ps5 out the window.
They tried it with oculus, and people damn near burned Facebooks HQ for it.

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The problem with this is now where the price point will be though.
Typically, Multiplayer only games have a hard time including enough content from day 1 to warrant a full retail price tag.

On top of that, they already announced a battle pass, and I'm guessing there's going to be multiple currencies as well... Which makes me worry

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