CRank: 5Score: 2860

that's gonna be one heck of a game.

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FLOP of the year 2009

Too funny.. oh well...
Poor sales and poor Average!

another ignored and unwanted title....

That score is shameful... Droids will still prolly "Bah bah"

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When is this useless app getting off the beta?

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"bah bah" says the sheep.

All those titles.. lmfao...
most commonly ignored showed by poor sales... with an addition to poor scores...

it is sad that Uncharted only sold because it was bundled with the PS3...
epic fail....

Gears of War 2 smashes that piece of sh1t game in sales and average reviews..

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They hate IGN for giving their real Scores for previous PS3 titles..Calling them fanboys.
And when IGN gives them a score for Infamous... IGN is all of a sudden.. CREDIBLE.

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It's only the droids that say reviewers are FANBOYS.

yet.... if the reviews don't count... still....POOR SALES.. lmfao

you pick what reflects a games sale.....Quality of the game or --->

either way.... Poor sales are comming Droids.

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It is predictable...
a non AAA quality game at hand...

Poor sales are comming...

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The truth is... is that this game isnt AAA quality..
Poor scores for such a hyped game... And the future is set...POOR SALES!

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Metacritic clearly points out that Infamous is a Rental atleast...
I will see how the game will fair after...

next sales figures will have me say..
"Told ya so"

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1) your the one who is arguing...
2) your the one who is trying to justify purchases lol.
3) your the one who is pissed
4) I'm not actually wasting energy... this is called killing time before I go out and watch Angels and Demons with my GF... lol

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5001d ago

I havent tried the demo..

Now before you exhibit your low self esteem...
I would like to inform you that I do have a PS3 and I do buy games without the influence of the crowd.

for example: Folklore/Shadow Run/Beautiful Katamari

It is rent for sure.
but it sure is no AAA quality.

You don't care about sales
that's fine...
you prolly don't care about metacritic... that's cool...
and you prolly don't care ...

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tsk tsk..
poor sales is at hand.
another ignored title added to the PS3 roster.

To the anime chick on top..
No, It's just fun to see the PS3 sheeps come out... they prolly typed with an angry face ful of pimples and grease... but it seems your melo... which is cool
I just finished installing a new hot tub in the backyard.

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let me guess....Metacritic doesnt matter...
averages dont matter...
numbers don't matter...

BEING 3rd place doesnt matter...LMAO

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Who said 80 was a bad score?

I'm simply restating facts around here and the sheeps come in a herd

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5001d ago
high hopes on a NON 90% average game.. sure...
Do they expect sales to be huge?


"Bah Bah" says the sony sheeps
Who said I'm judging a game?
I'm simply bringing out the simple facts...
Do you like Lair and Haze as well??? because... Percentage and numbers don't count right?

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You exhibit your low self-esteem by attempting to diss me and then you go on and saying "You can reply if you want, but I won't be coming back to check on it"

LMAO. your just asking for it...
I was actually pointing out FACTS...
5.2 & 5.3 seem to agree.

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People with low self esteem often tend to make fun of someone.

I have played it... I didnt even bother finishing it.
It was too damn boring.
How do you expect me to keep playing if the game is extremly linear...
oh wait... it gets more open at the last level?

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c'mon... you know what I mean...
For a game that people call a halo killer, best fps ever, best graphics etc...(and all the sony fanboys praising the game"
you'd think that KZ2 would do extremely well... too bad it falls short of glory.

"People just haven't latched onto a PS3 exclusive game yet as much as 360 gamers have latched on to Halo."

Is it cuz of the Halo Effect? People have been buying PS3's havent they?
so what h...

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