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Nothing. People play this game daily. The subreddit is going strong and people seem pretty happy with the updates. What a stupid article.

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Yeah! In all honesty this is really good news.

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I am pretty worried about this game. Those pictures show beautiful, BLAND environments. There is a lot of emptiness, and this was confirmed with the game play trailer. I really hope this "open-world" has more going on than that
of MGS V (a big, empty, uneventful world).

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No he is not. Dragonov is a member of the Spetsnaz and is basically mute. None of this sounds like Snake.

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50 percent of those cut scenes had power point presentations. They were painfully boring.

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I really wish they would release Max Payne for the PS 4

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How is this a topic worth writing about?

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If you ask me, Take 2 and Activision are a 1000 times worse than EA. I will never understand why those companies don't receive half the amount of criticism as EA. Activision started the whole add microtransactions after release shit. Then Take 2 and VC. Fuck all that noise.

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why the hell would you want bigger worlds?

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It's the end of gaming as we know it. You ruined my games.

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nah, the serious sites said it was at least 100.

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