Wolves do not care about the opinions of sheep
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100% correct..........I remember him saying he was ''very impressed'' with Halo right before the big reveal that introduced us to Craig. He also regarded Crackdown as one of their top IP's to rival their big three ( Halo, Gears, Forza ). Then we got Crackdown 3 in all it's glory..........the guy is clueless.

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The guy who developed the original PSVR compatable drivers for PC already said the chance of getting PSVR2 to work properly with PC is basically 0. So...don't hold your breath.

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Wow, what a hot take! You're like almost a month late to the party bud.

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Playstation first party games are all complete on disk.

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Dude I swear you are a shareholder or something in this company that does the lcd add-on for the S. I've seen you mention it like a million times 😆

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They will live to regret it in 1 - 2 years when the competition is producing brain meltingly awesome games....untethered by a weaker specced shackle.....that will all harness the power of true next gen. Just imagine being able to make games for the future and not having to worry about making sure they aren't TOO grand in scope and ambition, so that they will be able to work on a sub Xbox One X performing "next gen" console. PS is going to leave last gen behind quite soon. Xbox n...

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As I've commented before....I prefer the 'big' machine that 'does'.

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Oh no, please feel free to name those indie games so that we....being the uncultured knuckle-dragging dunces that we are.....can be exposed to the undiscovered literary wonders you speak of.

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Oh you mean like being a more story focused, well crafted, interesting, more curated and focused game like the original AC games that made the franchise popular in the first place? Genius! Where can I sign up to becone Ubisoft's creative director? Hey Ubisoft, let me save you some time, money and effort required for any future surveys, gamer inputs, case studies or whatever other crap you are planning. Just apply this revolutionary thinking to any Rayman, Beyond Good and Evil and Splinter...

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For a certain fanbase no.....no it definitely won't be

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I love articles about ancient history. You can learn a lot from them ( well, unless you're a certain company the history is based on )

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No one even cares right now....we all see what they're trying to push. Not interested in the slightest thanks.

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Redfall will. Forza middle of the year. Then Starfield holiday 2023.

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So literally the show where you would seriously expect some Starfield news.....and you are already saying it's fine... 'wait' for the 'next' show ( hopefully ) for Starfield. There's something wrong with you guys.

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So a single thin wire limits your freedom too much? What...do you sprint around the room like a headless chicken when you play?

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Something's out of control....that's for sure

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Only a certain fanbase fits that statement

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