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Just tried it on PS5.
Biggest features are for sure global illumination and nanite I guess, that create the realistic look of lightning, no clipping visible and up close satisfying geometry details.

Beside that, the cinematic sequences are for sure very close to photorealistic but frame rate suffers.
Playable sequences are a level down in term of graphics, especially NPC and building see through interior’s, with still massive frame rate drop while drivi...

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Curious to see where the game is going in term of plot and gameplay.
This sequence seems highly scripted, hope it will not be the case for the full game length.

For sure graphics seems top notch, and the atmosphere on spot.

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Always surprise this kind of things appends at each OS launch.
This is not a small bug, but a 10%ish reduced performances on all the CPU of the market leader, in a field MS itself marketed WIN11 as an improvement.

I cannot believe this was not seen during WIN11 development, just another confirmation that beta test phase is pushed on early customer on purpose.

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So much for creativity and art.
At least it is clear what Amazon expect from its video game division, and how it will be managed.

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Kill it already, this is becoming embarrassing

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Bayonetta was an unexpected gem.
I enjoyed the second game but it was already a tone down versus the first one.
I am a little bit concerned here: seems like the unequivocal provocative moves and outfit have been sacrificed (and let’s not lie to ourselves, it is one one the main feature of the serie).

Plus, graphics are not everything but it is at PS3 MGR Revengeance level. The game will have to deliver big time on all other aspects to make some swallow the...

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I agree with you, not a generational leap in term of graphics, mainly due I guess that it will be also available on PS4.
Hope it will have a smooth 60fps framerate mode on PS5.

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Seems reasonable.
I am really waiting to play this one.
Let’s hope the Maiden demo will release soon on PC to test our setups.

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I think @einhander1971 is talking about his 4K screen, not output resolution of the One S.

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Even without any dev saying anything, this is just common sense.
Anyone who game of PC knows for decades that you need to lower much more than resolution to scale performances between different GPU.

You can still focus on game and aknowledge facts on serie S.

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By far the most bugged and glitchy game release last winter, even with latest updates, and yes that is considering Cyberpunk in the lot.
I don’t really understand why the community is not more vocal about it, maybe we have gave up on Ubi.

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Secret sauce buckets on their way.
How about some news on The Initiative and Halo infinite?

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May/June is starting to shape a a good period for game release.
Let’s hope by then we will be able to by a PS5 without too much difficulties

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« Uuh huh » is a good summary of your skill to discuss something without being a cunt.

You are so blinded , for whatever reason, to make a point that I discuss here only to defend something about Sony that you just don’t see that we want the same thing at the end: to HB2 to be a good game.

I don’t give a shit about Xbox and there AAA catalogue to be clear, I’ll play it on PC.
You were the first one to talk about showcase to...

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@ angelicicediamond

Thanks for the lol, mister pusher.
Do you ever discuss with someone without being agressive?

Sorry to cut your excitement about an obscure screenshot now one really knows how it was rendered.
But yeah your right, let’s hope HB2 will be a graphic behemoth, as it looks like this is your only criteria for the game.

It is easy to have a big mouth here I guess, but between 2 looks at your pp to be sure i...

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Stop with this bullying behavior when people have different opinion than yours.

I give my opinion here like anyone else, with no personal attack so far.

For the rest of the comments about my life, don’t worry too much it will continue peacefully knowing your condescendent comments are comfortably shoved back where the sun never shine.

Will it be possible one day on this site to discuss anything vaguely related to Xbox without enduring ...

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My point exactly, no one need a savior, so no need to wait for any big guns at E3.

Sure gameplay will be appreciated, but whenever Ninja Theory feels it is relevant vs its development schedule.

Patience is a virtue we all gamers needs to grow for our own interest.

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« Cinematic Lighting Experiment Screenshot »

Anyone who has a single idea of what does that means is welcome.

And so, here we start already on E3 21 powa for MS? This running gag never ends.

Did you noticed that current start best start ever did not relied on any E3 event ?
E3 « win » is a thing of the past, console makers have much broader communication plans now.


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Mining is not to blame here.
Whatever you use your card(s) for, it means for Nvidia and AMD that the demand increases.

Since this is not new, the whole 20xx rtx gen has been plagued by the same lower supply than demand situation, It could be expected that both companies would have increased the production capability by now to adjust for a growing demand.

All of this is the result of a low investment/high margin business model all semiconductor co...

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