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isn't this this the same stuff Microsoft was trying to do with the intro for the xbox 1? years ago?
And Sony slammed them with that sketch about trading games with the 2 guys handing each other a hard copy of a game??

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not picking up a pro till i see the games on the shelf.

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The processor shot had a xbox logo on it @35 secs

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Im guessing Sony Made the pro at the sweet spot price point to keep buyer momentum going. Will be interesting to see the price of the scorpio and what its uptake it like on release. Remember Sony is a hardware company , they can upgrade a system pretty easily.

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I have to say after the campaign , it sat on my HDD since launch without me playing it. Then i heard about the fire fight mode and now I'm hooked again.... 343 did a great job with the MP.

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Wonder if the App will come to xbox one ? That would be so cool.

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Be great if the increase was to cover PSNow costs

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It is really amazing how Sony squeezed it into a smaller box. My only concern would be over heating on heavy campaign runs. Would love to see Sony release in different colours .

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the first titan fall was simple and fun , this new addition just seems filled with gimmicks to allow for micro transactions. Sometimes too much customisation turns into a distraction. And the game play seems slower and more like BO3 MP.. which is not a good start in my opinion.

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PS Now sounds great but not a fan of having to pay for my games again if i have the media sitting there ready to use. Maybe its the elephant in the room but Sony could learn a bit from MS in regards to a fair BC system.

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They are waiting till they have more info on the specs of scorpio , they want to be more powerful than it or this update will be a waste of time. Currently MS have positioned themselves into a more favourable release position with the XB1S released and the scorpio next year. Sony can't afford to release a console now and then again next year with all the hype built up about Neo. They need to go all in and release a power house and not the merger upgrade the Neo was meant to be.....

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Good effort for a new IP , solid start. Best FPS of the current gen so far.

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all there eggs in one basket ........ what could possibly go wrong ?

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so were the iPhones 3s 4s 5s 6s , but hey apple sold a lot of them. The cost of hardware is so much cheaper now , every 3 years for a new box and no one will bat an eye , as long as the games still play for around 6 years , then the old mode become obsolete and the cycle keeps going . Technology moves to fast for 10 year console cycles now.

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yeah nailed it........

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Sony discontinued the PS3 in many countries months ago and lets be honest the Vita is dead. they will have a a 2 console system by next year. Sony are a hardware company learning that software is where then money is .

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It was a great show case but didn't really give us much to look forward too for the rest of year...... got a feeling they will be doing the buying rights to advertise 3rd party games as console exclusives again.

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It was well thought out , the games line up is solid , new upgraded hardware , and scorpio detailed but not set in stone. MS are playing a solid game at the moment. It was a great road map.

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So much importance was placed on power/ resolution this Gen , it was the natural evolution to make the console cycles speed up.

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