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I thought they already said that higher resolutions will be added in future updates.

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but some people would like it... which is why this exists.

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I don't see how I contradicted my point but yeah I was serious. The old business model was way worse. The fact that we are getting the maps for free and the only things being sold are cosmetic is amazing. Wouldn't matter if it was crossplay if your friends didn't have the maps to play or the content downloaded. To your point, they are giving us Crossplay and with no compromises. They already had a ongoing deal with Sony. They had to include some exclusive content that would drive...

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I don't see what the big deal is. They aren't selling maps, no battle pass, none of the shit we've been dealing with but in order to follow the exclusive deal that was made between Activision and Sony, they decided to take an episode of a mode that is available to everyone (which is most likely not even a huge amount of content) and make it exclusive to Sony. Why is this such a big deal? Why are people bitching over it? Would they have rather had Activision follow their traditiona...

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He's most likely referring to how both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV are both incomplete games. FFXV DLC which could have fixed that was canceled and KH3 has DLC content on the way. I guess it's possible that at any point this game may not be completed. I honestly have faith in this project since they held off from showing ANYTHING for such a long time and everyone is saying good things about what they've played so far. It's the one title I believe they wouldn't wa...

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RIP. Thanks for everything

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and PC bro. -_- has cross play. Not surprising as it was originally on Xbox after Sega stopped making consoles.

Proof that it's on PC as well is on the website:

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A newcomer should never jump into a continuous story from (what is known to be) the 3rd game expecting to understand events they've never seen. You should've went with the first few games before jumping onto this one.

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@fr0sty that's correct but it is grounds to have your account taken from you which results in losing access to all online access which still takes majority of the games away from you. Either way, which would you rather have? Court or just lost access to the account? This guy got off easy.

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I'm glad we have some reasonable people that don't just complain when the word Microtransaction pops up for games. People don't understand that these are companies... they want money and they will keep trying to find ways to trick us into buying shit and PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN SELF CONTROL. I don't mind it as long as it's not forced so much that we NEED to pay. Unfortunately, the open minded (People like us willing to wait and see before complaining) are the minority though....

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@Eiyuuou, That's exactly how I feel.

@AspiringProGenji, If you have the choice to buy something or not and can complete the game without it... That's player choice. DMC4 SE had it so I highly doubt they would remove your free will to choose not to buy it from the equation. Casuals too have the choice to purchase upgrades or not. There is nothing saying "Hey Casual, YOU MUST BUY TO DO A SSS RANK COMBO", "YOU MUST BUY IN ORDER TO CONTINUE THE STORY"...

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The thing is... this isn't an issue. It's a players choice to ruin the game for themselves and spend the money they earned to max out the character for their own story. It doesn't bother you assuming you won't use this feature and it won't bother me because I won't be using it. If this was a online game with a competitive mode and this offered a competitive edge to those spending money then it would be an issue but otherwise it's just a feature that those who want ...

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I don't understand why people are crying about this. Let the player ruin the experience for themselves. It offers no competitive edge against other players and it's a system that was in a previous game. It has no negative effect on players that choose not to use the feature nor does it offer a competitive edge since it's not a competitive game. This is just another case of crying when theirs nothing to cry about.

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The same people crying downgrade are the first to complain when the game is running under 60fps or hit up reddit if it's not optimized. Just shut up and wait for the game.

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Honestly, I'll take being called a Fanboy for a game Kojima has created because he has earned the right for me and apparently many others here to become Fans. Everything that I've ever played with his name in it has been a masterpiece for its originality as well as FUN gameplay. Cliff B, has failed enough to always make me wonder if it will be good or not. The stories that Kojima creates are always unique and confusing at face value but that's what draws attention to his products....

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They added more story to the game... so it's not just a port.

"With HD visuals and a new epilogue that sheds new light on the game’s story"

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It doesn't matter if he doesn't like it or if he does. The resources that could be used on another game are being wasted on this game again.

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Most likely just a PC release. I'd be surprised if it's a sequel since they have been talking about wanting to make FF8 Remake.

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You're right. There is no such thing as too much power... which is why I have a high end PC for games I care about graphics and FPS along with a PS4 for Games with friends as well as Exclusives. No need for a Xbox regardless of what power it has if it doesn't have anything that I can't get on a PC or PS4.

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