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Well I have money to burn so I'll give to the best developer in the world as my show of support and feel good about helping fund Uncharted 4 and future projects from ND!

Also the best version of one of the best games of all time - sold!

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No that's what FAD chaser do! Most gamers know a gimmick when they see one.

Microsoft is just chasing the latest trend like they always do and are last to market. The whole smart watch thing just seems stupid to me.

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Yes, I used to spend hours reading those thick 400 page issues of EGM. GamePro and Gamefan were also my favorites. I could not wait for new mag issues to come out.

Nothing is surprising anymore which may explain why so many gamers are jaded these days. We've already heard of everything so far in advance - stupid internet!

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When new stuff drops randomly that just keeps interest in the service everyday. Just like in the old days before the internet when gamers never knew when new game releases would hit so we would keep visiting the game store to see what was new.

I like this approach really, but scheduled releases are good too. Either works for me - games are games.

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I agree $15 - $20 a month is a reasonable price to pay for unlimited game rentals but I know that price would cause an uproar because it seems most people think these companies should just give away there product for next to nothing.

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Agreed. Although I'm sure people would complain about the price of that too - no matter what it would be.

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Nintendo has flourished under his watch until the Wii U so getting rid of him is short sided and reactionary - business does not work like that. Sustained decline and failure of multiple products would see him gone.

Besides this is a Japanese company and they don't think like western culture. It would take a lot for a Japanese company to replace a president and obviously Nintendo is not at that point yet.

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Everyone complains about the 90 day pricing which is justified as you could likely buy the game new for that price BUT I would think most people would opt for the 7 day option at $7.99. If I rent a game for a week, I will likely finish the whole game unless it is like Skyrim or something. $7.99 to play and finish a game seems completely reasonable to me.

I would prefer a subscription option and I hope Sony offers that based on beta feedback.

I would only rent...

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Yes I would and will. I likely will not even open it. It is for collectible purposes or a backup system.

I've done this since the PS1 era. 4 360s, 4 PS3s, 2 Vitas, 2 Wiis - you get the idea. I do this for games too. I buy Collectors Editions to save and another copy to play.

Sometimes I sell some items on Ebay for A LOT of money but most I keep for my collection. I have a dedicated game room with collectibles from every system.

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Sony has a white Destiny bundle - that thing looks amazing and will likely draw a lot of sales and repeat sales (myself included) just to have the white console.

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The way Microsoft dropped support for the OG Xbox and 360 the last couple years of its life has really turned me off of the Xbox brand.

I most likely will get one once Quantum Break and Halo 5 are out - as long as they are good. I also want Killer Instinct. Nothing else from E3 interested me though except MCC.

Currently I'm a PS3/PS4/Wii U owner.

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I would build a PC for No Man's Sky! Just like @andibandit said - older gamers have been waiting for a game like this for years.

No Man's Sky was the surprise of E3 last year and has already won game of show by many big name sites. Believe in this game!

Day One for PS4!

Edit: Of course if you have ADD or are a twitch gamer then this game probably would not interest you. This game is about exploration an...

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If this game does nothing more than letting me explore a vast universe I would be OK with that. Although, it will provide more it's just not exactly clear what the "more" is at this point.

I can't wait to play this. It evokes my inner child.

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So I guess after Infamous:SS, Killzone, The Order and Uncharted PS4 can just kiss AAA goodbye? Yeah right.

PS4 selling like hotcakes. "How can we keep the momentum? Oh I know, let's stop making AAA exclusives" - yeah right.

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No Man's Sky is a great example

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AAA games are still coming from 3rd party and will be the best console version on PS4. Sony's AAA games will come like they always have and 3rd party will fill the gap between exclusive releases.

Last gen I owned a 360 for the better 3rd party performance and I had the PS3 for exclusives. This gen I own a PS4 because the 3rd party performance advantage and the Sony IPs I have grown to love. No need really for an X1 at this point until Halo 5 - which is 18 months aways.

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Highlight game on main screen -> press "options" button, highlight "Delete" and press X button. Game deleted and hard drive space reclaimed. Just WOW!

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I love how this game looks on PS4. It feels like I'm playing Halo but different and new.

I love the soundtrack and atmospheric effects but I HATE the Narrator. A better voice actor would be better. This guy from Game of Thrones sounds like he just mailed it in.

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It's whatever you want to make it.

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7/10 = 70% = C- in school which is mediocre. All seriousness though, Microsoft needed to hit a homerun and I don't believe they did that.

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