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Yeah, the author was really stretchin for #1 & #2. This whole article made me laugh, sounds like it was written by a CoD fan in denial of a better game on the way.

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Yeah I read that on the other day too. The Ultima Online story made me lol. And that EVE assassination that took over a year in real-time, thats just crazy.

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I've always thought EVE sounded interesting, but I just don't have the kind of time or patience to get into something like that.

Also, I would literally destroy my computer in rage if I spent that much time and effort getting a ship just to have some high level douchebag destroy it for no reason like that.

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Let's see if I got this straight:

Hitman: Blood Money = Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Hitman Absolution = Splinter Cell: Conviction

This makes me sad...

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I think Bioshock would be mine. I dont hate it, I just think it's waaaay overrated. I've bought it 2 different times and still have never finished it (just got bored with it) most fights just seem to turn into you backtacking while the enemies run straight at you.

On a side note, I like the idea of this article. It's cool to see different people's opinions on this subject even if nobody agrees with anybody else. Lol

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War for Cybertron was waaay better than this new one.

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Stupid douchebags. Trying to act like they're just leaving, they're scared because they're about to get busted.

And does someone wanna explain to me how they're being "oppressed"

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Well I was gonna add a comment saying how this guy is a complete retard... But it appears that's already the general consensus.

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I'll be glad when companies like Sony and Samsung (and even movie companies for that matter) realise that alot of people just flat out don't want 3D (at least at it's current state) and stop trying to put it in EVERYTHING.

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I agree with this list... EXCEPT for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for NES. It may not be great by today's standards, but back then, it was badass

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I somewhat agree, but at the same time I don't see why people are bitching about the console version. It may not look as graphically good as the pc version but that in no way means it looks bad.

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I can't say I blame the guy, he tries to do something cool by talking to the fans on a daily basis and all he get in return is a bunch of bitching and whining. And he's probably right, most of it probably are trolling journalist lookin to create some bullshit story (like half the BF3 stories here on N4G)

Can't wait to play BF3!

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Very misleading title. They're already "banned" from selling M rated games to minors, all this law is really gonna do is increase the penalty to places that still do sell to minors.

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I think both side whine quite a bit but it also gets blown out of proportion with sites like N4G

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I have a pc, 360, and ps3 but I'm getting it on 360. Why? Because all my friends play on 360, I'm not a fan of mouse/keyboard, and alot of people I've played online with on pc are kinda elitist douchebags just like in these comments. That being said, I agree with the article in that it doesn't matter which one you play it on along as you play it.

And to whoever said pc players are more "mature" than console players; bulls**t. Threre are just as many...

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I agree on both points

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I play it for the gameplay.

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Batman has always been my favorite DC comic, but I would really like to see an update that uses a villain or hero from a different comic occasionally.

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I played thru the single player in a couple of hours, tried a few matches of the multiplayer. Then I went and traded it in and went back to War for Cybertron.

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I actually enjoyed Reach and don't get why there is so much hate towards it. That being said, I really wish they would leave the multiplayer in the remake like it was in the original, that's the whole point of re-releasing it, so you can play the original again not Reach with the skin of the original.

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