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Except Nintendo never supported the smash community... I know most ppl have personal investment in blaming corporations. But Nintendo never did anything with them. Look at all the videos of them asking for Nintendo support

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Bye bye my ps5, no point if i can get it on pc, dont have problem waiting

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Lol wait for user reviews xD

This is going to get wreck

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Youre saying it like its unfair in any way....

Its a console, has a bigger target, its different than the other two and its a joy to play on the bus

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The problem with this site in general is that instead of playing game, most of you are pixel counters, I simply do not understands why a game has to have mega realistic graphics for it to be good.

The fact that the last three gens the only innovation we have seen is: the graphic card is better, is a really sad testament of the industry

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They game will arrive eventually on steam, i see no issue, its not like you have to buy something else to play

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Of course it is. Best smash since melee.

The amount of content in that game is insane

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What are you even talking about? Zelda was amazing, one of the best game i played this gen, the engine on that game was praised to heck and back.

The problem with this community and gamming in general is that most of you are pixel counters, that would play a turd in 4k/60 fps, just cos it looks awesome.

Why if Rdr2 was such an amazing technical achivement barely won any goty? it must have come short on something important, i wonder what that is...

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Divinity 2 is amazing, im playing the game now.

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"That is the very definition of monopolizing. "

Lol, youre terribly wrong about this, cos they are not in a position of power pushing people out of the bussiness, they are creating a place for them to compete.

Most people will blindly support steam, and put the most nonsensical drivel to defend a steam monopoly

Pc by definition is an open platform, infinite choices is okey for pc, thats kinda the point

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He is right, consoles are becoming more and more like gimped PCs, why would i ever expend money on a console if everything is getting ported to PC and it will look worse, with worse framerates. At least with the switch i can take games on the go,thats a real advantage to me, cos i dont need a monster pc to run it.

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Lets start by making the game good, i still regret droping 60 on this turd

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Apple doesnt understand gaming, doesnt have exclusives, doesnt even know what a AAA is, and considering their track record, they wont even bother to research it.

They will market it like a revolution in gaming, and the apple illiterates will follow them to their grave

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@quent LOL, this is so true it hurts xD

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LoL at lucky xD

The create good games, the rest is nice to have, none of that is mandatory

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lol, youre wrong on so many levels.

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Its not like you get something awesome aside from the tittle....

Doesnt matter if he is or isnt a master

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Not it isnt, its a piece of crap system that abuses ppl

But it seems that for you being abused is part of the course...

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Star Citizen, man that game was annouced so long ago that is not even funny

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I dont think that is right.

It released with horizon, zelda, horizon, for honor, nioh, re7 was a month b4 and person5 the next month

Clearly a hard sell for anyone that month, its pretty much amazing it sold so well (im really happy about it, epic game)

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