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Sony and it's woke culture

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Yes back in 1998 when I was 13. Throughout the years more information has been shown on this subject matters, but go back to early 2000s and information wasn't as prominent. Kojima was ahead of the game

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He was always ahead with this series. MSG1 taught me about the importance of passing on our genes into future generations but in a responsible way, for they are bound to what we experienced in our lifetime. Sons of liberty taught me about global control and simulation runs to test society in a grand scale, the importance and dangers of control of information. MGS3 taught me about patriotism and how that can blind you into doing things you never would have otherwise, all for the sake of politi...

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He served time. 2-3 years in jail in no walk in the park. He's now forced to pay $10 million. He's basically condemned for life!! 25% of your income. That's insane.

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Day 1

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MS loves to monopolize everything. They've been doing it from the beginning. They're not going to stop now.

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Ok not being able to talk to someone live in customers support is already a nightmare. I do think with all the support and business they get from us gamers, they should have a customer service center with knowledgeable reps. There should have been a way to recover your old PSN. Buying something in PS direct, should be easy and worry free. The problems you had should be non existent if someone from Sony actually tested the interface.

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How about joining someone else on COD through Gamebase, so many presses and menus to navigate through. I agree, it needs to be more straight forward!

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I wonder how much better it is since launch. I have up on it after 2 weeks of playing it. It was too bare bones and the menu interface was ridiculous to use.

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He was so good in the show The Wire

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Imagine reviewing a game you've never played 🤣😂

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He can't cash out if it doesn't come through

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Ultimately MS wanted to make lots of money off of proprietary accessories

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Game of the year?? That's pretty bold of them

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COD definitely helped with this

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This is so wrong in so many ways. Sure if you're an atheist you can care less, but if you believe in God, you know profiting off of him is wrong. Now mocking his life and death through a video game?? Nah

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What's this Spec Ops raid im ready about???

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