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Can you at least approve the actual news when you approve one of these? Hyenas has been cancelled and I've seen that everywhere else but here so far.

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In the end then if you completed the base game you're not in for much more stuff to do, which is a real shame. Feels like a waste of the city they clearly put so much time into.

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Glad I can pick up the physical release somewhere then. Playasia probably.

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That fan translation was really impressive.

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From everything I've seen there's still not enough added to justify starting over, or even picking it back up.

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Yes ok bud, you've told us enough times now.

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It'll sell well on PC next year.

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They really phoned it in with the switch library. No big risks, nothing interesting or quirky. Very by the numbers main franchise entries.
That and ports. Lots of ports.
As a long time Nintendo fan, I much preferred the DS, Wii, Wii U, 3DS libraries. Hopefully this sales success will prompt some new and interesting ips and games again, Mario Wonder looks like a step in the right direction.

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Ooo would love a trailer soon with a release in March again, but other rumours put the release at later next year. Either way, it's about time.

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Completely forgot about this game even though I completed it.

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So mad.

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Eh, doesn't really look like her in the face.

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I played 100 hours of Tears of the Kingdom, enjoyed it, but ready for a game like that next.

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Still hideous and soulless when booting it up today, just like Xbox has always been. Only got the Series S for emulation.

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Judgment was alright. That's the sort of mix-up I prefer, not fully changing the combat system. Everyone can argue about this till they're exhausted, doesn't really matter, there's hopefully always a place for both systems.

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I hate this shit. I'm already a year into that out of "less than 4".

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Yeah I don't get why it's available on Switch but not PlayStation.

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Nice Tidus and Yuna figures randomly added too. Would've been tempted if there was an Auron available.

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Love how it's pretty much total agreement on that for a change.

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I remember quite liking this, I probably wouldn't now on another go

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