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there's an agenda behind Deathloop. Next up Tokyo Ghost.

Cultural appropriation negatively impacted the review here. The author takes umbrage with Ember Labs without researching anything the developer did prior to actual development. The Ghost of Tsushima-Sucker Punch controversy rears its ugly head AGAIN. I play video games to escape politics, not endure more of the same. And judging by the OP's comment she is wildly inaccurate. But I doubt I see a retraction - th...

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ha you're right. I don't use them much either. Don't mind me. Salty after a ten day stretch, I got called in again

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spare us. If this was an Xbox feature - you, Phil, and a jar of KY would be meeting at a swanky Motel 6 at 3 in the morning

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just go into Death Stranding with the mindset that it is NOT a walking simulator but rather a Fedex simulator. Combat looks improved but I ended up stealth killing everything except bosses after getting special knife about a 1/3 of the way thru it. Very innovative in that you'll get to create your own fast travel system. Everyone was too busy love/hating Kojima that this feature (esp. in an open world setting) never got the recognition it deserved.

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yes, this will be like RE Village scenario. It will be addressed with a post launch patch if necessary. You think they're going to let the only version that'll sell be gimped?

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@ jump, what's worse is people think GP is the reason software sales are so low. But in reality, they've been steadily declining since 2014. GamePass was/is MS' answer to this problem. Understand this and you can understand why they bought a publisher and not just more studios. No reason for MORE exclusives when what you really need is to keep games OFF your competitor's platform.

@ Scissor, yup a conditioned mindset.

GP=W8 4 free*

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this isn't official. It's a fan made design. From 2016. You do KNOW this, right?

By the way, how's your "Bring back tank controls in RE" petition going?

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you mean closer to 75/25. Look at RE8's sales numbers; 80/20 for a non-GP, AAA 3rd party IP. People seem to think it's GP just affecting sales. Totally inaccurate. Thunder is right, MS platforms have been struggling since 2014 to sell software. Long gone are the 360 days where COD would outsell its PS3 counterpart. GP is MS' answer to this conundrum. You might get 65/35 for MP shooters like COD or BF but, by and large, most IPs will not hit that ratio. It's a serious problem t...

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I told you it was a shit game but you were too busy arguing the merits of GP. You're still trying to prop up the service. Once 1st party output can sustain GP, hopefully they quit trying to secure these AAA third party games at launch. Indie IPs like The Ascent are perfect fits. The overhead is low and the exposure is great for the devs. This was just wasted money on MS's part but I hope Square pays the devs if they reached performance milestones.

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don't know from personal experience but a good friend, longtime WoW player, bought FF14 after the last expansion. He hasn't played WoW since. Read Tapani's post below. Research it and you'll see a lot of posts around the net echoing the same sentiment.

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no point. Switch Too will release in 2023. Maybe Mar. '24 if chip shortages continue well into next year. The OLED model will help offset system fatigue enough that, without a PS4 pricecut, should overtake Sony's Goliath by lifetime's end. This should be a no-brainer next gen transition from Nintendo. Just lose the Joycons plz Ninty n go the SNES route with the Switch.

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Hopefully the Silent Hills reboot will be handled by the Japanese studio rumored to be working on it. I don't want SH to be 4 hour walking sim. It's humorous you expect a new SH to be developed by a mediocre AA indie dev but not MGS?! Obviously, at this point we can deduce Konami is only worried about their catalog's ROI (looks at latest Contra, yep). Mobile budgets for console games! Never count out Konami's greed...

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I'd liken it more towards the Bioshock lineage, or at least what people hope will be the final result; a good story driven FPS without tacked on MP. The Shadow Warrior remake lost all the charm of the original and was just a shell of its former. Like television rehashing All in the Family, a modern Archie Bunker would never cut it either. Seems what gave the IP any pre-release hype was actually lost upon release.

I always feel melee combat in any FPS is usually the weak...

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"Every other platform is 30 FPS". While the X version is clearly superior, PS5 owners will be be able play it via BC @1440, 60 FPS

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how much have cigarettes gone up in the last two years? How about gasoline? I suppose you'll be firing off posts on Phillips J Morris and Marathon forums respectively too?

Just buy less day 1 games, problem solved. Wait a month save $20, unless it's a Nintendo IP

Imagine how happy a smoker would be if you told them prices will stay the same for the next 15 years? (Last price increase was 2005 for games)

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Adding SSD is only for tech savvy consumers?

What a ridiculous argument. My new grill had a 20 page instruction booklet too. Suppose I should've hired a garden/outdoor expert from Home Depot to assemble it as well?

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Steam deck will be as popular as Steam machines. This is due to Valve NOT learning from that previous fiasco, not the device itself

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I don't know about vast. I agree with you about Mario, excellent game, and right above 2016's Ratchet as the best platformer of the last decade (never owned PSVR so no Astro). Not as high on Zelda as most but I'd give an 8. The problem is their 1st party output the last 2 gens. It was no secret Ninty brass had a hard time transitioning to the HD era with the WiiU. Due to anemic sales with the hardware, either no one noticed or they attributed the lack of software due to the poor p...

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Sales are ALL that matter to companies. "Grown" people understand this concept. Obviously some here don't. I'm glad sales don't affect your personal preference but don't act elitist when the discussion is brought up. It doesn't suit you.

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You're right. Whoever thinks that 30 seconds of clouds "overshadows" 14 minutes of gameplay of one the Fall's most wanted IPs is purely delusional. And there is no economic downside to Mr. Pitchford's latest shenanigans. B3 has been out so long on consoles the money has already been made. Like you said, PS is the best selling platform for most 3rd party IPs so there is never a shortage of people to co-op with anyway. All moot points that add up to much ado over nothing. ...

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