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Infamous was hyped to be a better game than Floptype. Which it is.

Remember PS3 fans care about game quality. 360 fans care about which mediocre titles sell more.

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And once again, Microsofts gaming division is dead last in software and hardware.

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No one has been saying EyEpet or ANY motion controls are going to change the way we game forever. It was all shrugged off as a Gimmick which you can backtrack n4g to see. Its just been a way to get casuals to play, and nintendo has enyoed success because of this.

Microsoft fans are delusional as usual, and you prove it as usual. Heres how it works, Nintendo created it. Sony copied it, and Microsoft copied everyone. The only thing here, is M$ has no real demos outside of things th...

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nice to see they are taking the game in a more realistic direction. Thats amazing!

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- Kojima not directing/writing it.
- MGS4 team working fully on PSP game
- PSP game is the 'true sequel' to the Metal gear Sequel - Kojima

so .. i mean after that..

I guess you can expect it will be a game with metal gear characters? as long as it does that.. it should meet them?

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I mean lets hope they have focus groups... because I want to find the names of the participants.

And shoot them.

Salvation bundled with a PS3 for 900 dollars is a bad idea folks.

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Only 8 cars Racing at a time
2 discs...
only 400 cars.
Not 1080p
Cokkpit View is 30fps

this just keeps getting better, because if thats definitive, whats GT5?

edit @ Immortal Kim,

Makes you wonder why Turn10 would bribe their own community when both games aren't out huh?

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lol... "buh buh 90%"

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Turn10 is scared of PD. WHich is why they cant help but talk trash at every opportunity they get.

Its also why they tried to Bribe people on their OFFICIAL WEBSITE to rig a POLL on CNET. Are you really this blind? I mean I know you have on sub HD low scoring 360 goggles, but still.

Turn10 wouldn't be in the news today if they didn't talk about the best driving sim out there, Gran Turismo.

You don't talk trash about a 52 million dollar franchise, and expe...

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The 360 has no AAA's yet you guys are all pretending to enjoy the games right? lol. I think its safe to say the scores argument is finally wrapped up. Its all subjective opinions from fat guys.

"buh buh scorrreeezzz" GT has sold more copies than Forza: The arcade driving adventure with Paint Plus 8 cars on track, non 1080p, CGI "Creative" trailers, less cars than a PSP game, and shipping on multiple discs.

As a car fan, why on earth would you try ...

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I bet the results would have been more realistic with CNETs readership if pathetic Turn10 didn't decide to bribe people to vote for their "definitive" game. Most of the votes surely came from gtplanet alone lol.

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Im just saying, if the 360 had a game like Uncharted 1 & 2, which literally bring to the table NEVER BEFORE SEEN visuals/interactivity/storylin e/score/animation/performance. I mean these guys have done amazing work. We would never hear the end of it.

Its almost insulting to compare uncharted to other games. I mean really.

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Thats a double dipping of owned.

Is that not hilarious?

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CGI trailers for the "OH SO IMPRESSIVE STUNT/Creative Video that all the 360 fans pretended was in game/in engine. yawn."

"So I've been reading alot of thoughts on this video and I want to clarify. Inspired by Project Blackjack, this video is an example of what can be done in-game (if you have the determination of course). This video was produced very early on at a stage when we weren't comfortable showing the's a CG render."

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