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Wouldnt it of made more sense to use more first party characters over Raiden, New Dante and Big Daddy for example.....i would of rather had old first party characters so they could revive some of them through this game.

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Didn't Omar tease a while back that we would have to "wait and see" about Crash, basicaly teasing us that he was going to be announced

He kind of lead us on abit...if they wern't going to have Crash then they should of just said.

Wouldn't you create this game only when you know you can get the iconic PS characters which would be a huge selling point to the game


Oh here it is


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Honestly whats with the disagrees, I'm not saying Sonys in the right am just saying maybe when they hired Lambert to do the advert maybe they should of gotten him to look differnt so people don't get the wrong idea.

Oh and are people really disagreeing that there probably wasn't ANYTHING in a contract Lambert did with Sony...I find that hard to believe, I'm not saying he wasn't allowed to do it at all, just for a certain amount of time.

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Leons campaign might be the best in the game but it's basicaly RE5 but in a darker enviroment.

Chris's...well I don't know how you can say some parts of Chris's campaign is like RE, theres nothing about that campaign at all which reminds you of a RE game.

"bu..bu but Carl you havent played it"

Actually, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after college I got the chance to play it at a friends house...hell I'm no...

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...because Capcom does far worse things then this, things which effect us as gamers. This law suit with Kevin Butler is between him and Sony, it dosent effect us unless you count the fact we'll probably never see KB adverts again.
They deserve the hate because they are a corrupt money, grabbing company.
Nobody exaggerates what they do, it's that bad and there games prove that thus RE6 getting crap reviews.

Notice how I said


3306d ago 8 agree5 disagreeView comment comes the gloom and doom Sony articles. Taking something thats happening to them at the moment and exaggerating them to the high heavens.

Other companies and even developers have done worse this gen...just saying

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...oh sorry am I supposed to be laughing right now....nice try though I'll give you that

Ever thought that it's how we say/write things round here where I come's old geordie slang. Sorry if you don't approve...

Seriously why waste your last bubble on that...<sigh>

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Surley though in the fine print of his contract there would of been something like

"You cannot participate in advertising or promoting rival brands for 3-6 months after this contract ends"

or something like that....

Logicaly wouldn't it of been wise to make him look a little differnt in the advert so people don't assume it's Kevin Butler even though he's just playing a no name character. Give him black hair, thick gl...

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I understand if it was something small which the developers have accidently done or something which has been talked about in the wrong way during an interview but most of the time people have good solid points to back up there "complaints"

"I have no idea why people call it whining "

You know what I like to call it....someone learning from past mistakes

FF13 lightning returns is being bigged up like FF13-2 to have huge cha...

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I'm getting sick of this...everytime people have concerns with a game they are always called whiners, haters or trolls

FF13, ME3, DA2, Dead Space 3, Resident Evil 5/6, Killzone 3s online, the L4D to L4D2 boycott thing etc

If something is wrong with a game and most of the fans speak out then theres something wrong with the way you've made your game or the way you've handled decisions for it.

It's the reason why we get treat lik...

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Wow...just wow

"This article is satirical, so please don’t rev up those keyboards in anger. "

Oh right...I was going to say

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"Hell Even ME3 Box art was geared to PS3 fans."

...I don't even......whaaaa

The Box art was fine, better then having a horrible purple line at the top "Better with Kinect".

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At this rate the two Doctors could create a new studio and hire original team members as they leave...saying that though I don't if Alexander was part of Bioware before EA.

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LOL....I'm the the one living in denial

Your the one who defended the crap out of this game before release and Capcom, you even said at one point it would get amazing scores....and look whats happened.

To keep defending something which has done terrible and a corrupt money grabbing company...well your the one living in denial.

See the thing is j-blaze your in the MINORITY here, RE6 was a crap game and you have to accept that because...

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They forget aswell that when COD comes out those types of "fans" will drop any game there currently on (in this case RE6), forget about it and move onto the real thing, AKA COD, for the next 3-4 months while there "COD clone" is left gathering dust.

It's like online modes which used to be great but then COD gets to the developers and they make the online COD like

Killzone did it with Killzone 3
Uncharted did it with Unchar...

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Yeah but they gave off that impression that they did, wigs, make up, haristyles, something which wouldn't make people go

"Hey it's Kevin Butler"

Even though it's not, to most gamers who havent heard of Jerry Lambert they would still relate him to Kevin Butler.

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Come on...Leons sections were good but "Old school elements", not even close

It's basicaly RE5s gameplay but with Leon and in a darker enviroment



I've played the demos, watched all the trailers, gameplay footage, walkthroughs and I've played some bits at a friends house a few days ago after college (I'm not wasting my money on it).

"all you do is bash...

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@AdmiralSnake can talk


Please explain to me how Dark_Hollow is ignorant

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You do realise they are just called Zombies to try and appeal to old fans and so people will defend them for apparently listening to old fans to bring Zombies back.

Even the ones in Leons sections are not Zombies, they are improved Las Plagas enemies who are called Zombies to trick people into thinking Capcom listen to it's fanbase.

They're basicaly "Las Zomb-glas"

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Very Well Said Knight Crawler

To be honest those types of fans are just selfish...why should we have to move on, we were here first. If RE was always an action game like RE6 then fair enough but it wasn't, we liked the franchise for what it was, not what it was forced to become.

Do people who never used to like RE but now do think that it's now cool that they can say they like a classic franchise like Resident that why new fans are despe...

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