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Normally I don't care about specs for a Nintendo console. I enjoyed my Wii U. But for this particular console I wanted power because I've been wanting console quality games on the go. What really bugs me about the console is it only runs at 40% when in portable mode. If it ran at 100% I would be fine.

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Just a pathetic list of games. There's a couple ports and Mario and Splatoon 2 and that pretty much it. Crazy because people were making such a big deal about how great the launch lineup was going to be.

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Rayman Legends is a masterpiece. I have a physical and digital version on Vita, and copies on PS4, wii U, and XB1. But if there arent new levels I wont get it on Switch. I would also prefer Yooka Laylee on Switch, but its releasing later and Im not going to wait.

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Zelda isn't nearly as popular as hardcore gamers and fanboys think it is. It isn't even a top five Nintendo franchise. Mario Kart, Pokemon, Smash, Mario, and Animal Crossing are all much bigger sellers. You could probably even put Wii Sports and Splatoon ahead of them. I really wanted a Switch until the reveal. Under powered and no games I care about until Splatoon 2 more than five months after it launches. Really wish there were some Mario port at launch.

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Game looks awesome. Was afraid it would get cancelled. Is it just free for all or is there other modes?

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I just want more modes with Heroes. Heroes Vs Villains was the only good mode.

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It's only capable of 5.1 surround sound?

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I really doubt thats what Sony is doing. PSVR isn't popular enough to do that. I just think they are genuinely having problems making the thing.

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Yeah that comment scared me. I was hoping for a munch longer campaign. I loved the campaign of the original. The mechanics were great and worked much better than the MP imo. But the the article implied the campaign was about the same length.

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Docking does not make the games look better. Undocking just handicaps the console to 40%. And its really not that powerful of a handheld. New phones are quite a bit more powerful with a much better screen.

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Is this game releasing later on Switch? Damn, the one multiplat game I would prefer on Switch.

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Huge Gears fan but I lost interest when Gears 4 didn't have Overrun.

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He said 1080, not 1080p.

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I think you could make the case that Fifa is the most important game on Switch.

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Well ps4 had a weak launch but still had over 10 good launch games. Switch has one good game in its first 5 months.

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What amazes me is yes, the PS4 didn't have a very good launch lineup, but they still had ALL the games pepole wanted. They had CoD, Fifa, Madden, Assassin's Creed, Need For Speed, and Battlefield 4. Switch doesnt have a single one of those. PS4 launched with more big games than Switch will have in its first year. And who cares if they are multiplat. Those are the games people wanted. I know multiple people that bought a launch ps4 or xb1 & have never played a single non cod game o...

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Blow your load at launch? There is one game coming out at launch worth playing. A non exclusive game. Even the Wii U had a significantly better launch lineup. And it's not just the launch. You make it sound like the rest of the year is full of games. There are hardly any big games releasing this year. The Switch should have at least had some ports available at launch. I, like many, don't care about Zelda. Nintendo fans think zelda is much bigger than it actually is. And indies? Real...

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Absolutely amazing that anyone can say the Switch is targeting core gamers. They have emphasized motion controls, HD Rumble, detachable wii-like controllers, and have shown more 1-2 Switch and Arms than any other Switch game other than Zelda.

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Can't disagree with you more. I have a son & I'm around a lot of kids. Kids like instant games with the ability to instantly go back & forth & go into a store & download more games. They will often play 25 games or more in a day & wont play one more than 10 minutes. They also want Netflix, a Web browser & Youtube. Youtube is huge with kids and essential for a tablet. I don't think this will be popular with kids. Maybe w ages 12 & up but not younger. And...

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A lot of your guys are pathetic and clearly don't have a life.

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