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I feel like with all their consoles other than the Wii they targeted children, yet got men in their 30s who never grew up and troll the internet by saying the only innovative thing in gaming the last three gens is motion controls. Nintendo has never understood who the the actual people who purchase their games and consoles are. They make kids games for adult men.

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Kids won't care. My 12 year old son lost all interest when he saw the reveal. None of his friends have heard of it. Kids love tablets with Youtube, Netflix, and a web browser. They love a huge digital store and the ability to go back and forth and instantly play a bunch of games. This console will not appeal to kids at first.

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Zelda is probably the most acclaimed series of all time and I just don't get it. So boring. I haven't played a Zelda game in years but I bought Windwaker HD yesterday and put on Ocarina and I just don't get how they're supposed to be fun. Horizon looks really cool but I'm a bit skeptical because I'm not a fan of Guerilla or open world games.

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Terrible interview lol. Insomniac is my favorite dev and I want more Ratchet and I want a follow up to Sunset Overdrive.

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We gamers trust GG? I don't. There last two games sucked. But its a great sign the embargo lifts so early.

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I think the chance of Nintendo doing VR is practically none. Switch doesnt have the power, the screen, and I don't think VR is gimmicky enough for Nintendo.

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I literally bought Psychonauts last night for my son so he could play it before the VR game came out and now its free lol.

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What a hypocritical post. I think I trust Digital Foundry more than you. You forgot to say what game you were even talking about. Is it Zelda? If Zelda has better graphics undocked than the Wii U version that doesn't prove a thing. They are different games on different consoles. There has also been reports that undocked has frame rate drops. But I'm sure you are still holding out hope that the Switch is 4 TFs.

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I hope there is a longer campaign, team deathmatch, and modes incorporating enemies from the game.

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Kids want Youtube, Netflix, and a web browser. They want the kiddie tablet crowd but I don't think they are going to get it.

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Well the Wii U didn't play HD Wii games or update the controls so u could play them with the gamepad & the Switch in portable mode is only about as powerful as a Wii.

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No idea why people are making such a big deal about GC games. I doubt the Switch is powerful enough to emulate Wii games but what I want is Wii games emulated in HD with the controls patched so you can play in portable mode.

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You could really see kids doing that? My son would never put in the effort or be proud of a video game achievements & if my kid decorated his room with Nintendo certificates I would beat him.

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This has to be the most underrated game I have ever played.

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Just played Carnival Games VR for the first time. Surprisingly good. Really short but some of the mini games are a total blast. My main gripe (other than the nausea) is how poorly the Move controller track hand movements, but Carnival Games does it the best.

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I hate rigs so much. I anticipated that game so much but it is terrible imo. Finally got through the super long orientation yesterday. First two times I couldn't get through it because it made me so sick.

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I have no idea how this list can neglect Playroom VR. Also I would have put job simulator higher.

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The Switch is at least 1TF? Where are you getting that. I assumed it was closer to half that.

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The Wii U had Wii games in the virtual console. Wii games were still relatively popular. Gamecube games but no Wii Games would be a major step back. Honestly, I can't imagine anyone other than Nintendo fanboys who will already buy a Switch caring about a Gamecube virtual console.

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This game looks terrible.

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