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It's tough to blame the people here. You can't shoot the messenger :D

I won't pretend to know the ins and outs of a publisher/developer agreement but I fail to believe a passionate team, which Undead Labs clearly are, would release a product in this current state.

If State of Decay 2, with just its current features, worked and had zero serious issues, bugs and crashes, it would be a great game. Developers creative went in the right direction,...

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The greatest zombie apocalypse simulation of all time? Some of these reviewers really baffle me :D

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It's a real shame. Both this and Sea of Thieves had huge potential. Sea of Thieves lacked content but was incredibly well polished. State of Decay 2, despite featuring multiple content loops, has some great content and concept ideas but was so rushed and buggy, it was hardly worthwhile.

Really hoping Xbox fans get something to sink their teeth into that does the console justice.

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The redirects are not always the fault of the website, although they are responsible for cleaning it up. It's typically due to the third-party advertisers not doing their job to clean up ads before sending them through. Google usually punishes for these rather quickly though, but it's been a problem here for a while now.

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If they want reviewers to review games as a service, maybe it should be more in-line with other media in the service sector. I'll pay RARE $5 a month and then review it in 10 months. If they are willing to take full price for a half finished game, they suffer the consequences.

You cannot defend Sea of Thieves with any integrity. It's a great idea with a lot of potential that has been ruined with a rushed release. Players, fans, reviewers, the blame does not lie wit...

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An Xbox fan site defending a poor Xbox launch? The article didn't even get the release date of the game right. They claim it released Wednesday.

If their reviewer didn't want to review the game after 20 hours, that's fine. I played much more than that and the content was exactly the same as the first 2 hours.

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I put 15 hours in on launch day and 12 the next. I think near enough 30 hours gameplay is more than enough to review Sea of Thieves.

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Playing it in 5-10 years? I'll be surprised if the game is still discussed in 5 weeks...

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The water is probably the games best asset. Looks fantastic :D Sadly however, I'd get more content in a bath with a toy boat.

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Pretty sure EA has been using something similar for years. It's not a coincidence that Player A players absolutely amazing against you, then utter shit when you buy him.

The psychology of manipulating players into buying micro-transactions is seedy by definition. To assume there isn't much deeper psychological work behind the scenes is naive. Sure, this patent brings it to light but this is not something new to gaming, or consumerism in general.

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They are struggling with features the WWE games nailed 10 years ago. They haven't made a decent one since 2K took publisher.

Smackdown VS Raw had better backstage options, more story arcs, better story arcs, less bugs, more customization, better object interaction. I've never seen a franchise fall back so many times. It's a joke as a game and it's a joke to WWE fans.

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This is utterly ridiculous. Are there micro-transactions? Yes. Do you need them to play the game? No. Nobody enjoys microtransactions but unless you want to start paying $80 for new games, get used to it.

A 4? For Shadow of War? Even by the authors definition, it's a good game.

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What's the real ending? I got through from start to finish without facing any grind or any difficulties. Didn't spend a dime.

Not saying I didn't get my ass handed to me in places but nothing a bit more patience and a change in tactics couldn't solve.

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It'll do well in sales. I think some players are put off by the controversy surrounding the micro-transactions but word of mouth will carry it. It's a great game.

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It's hard to tell either way. Are they creating these new diverse casts because that's where they want to go creatively, or where they think society expects them to go? I guess the end result is the same regardless.

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Doesn't offer anything new to golf games apart from a course creator. The swing mechanics are almost identical to PGA games, online play is terrible. Defend it all you want, the game is mediocre at best

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chh chh chh ch ca ca ca ca - At least you get the awesome sound effects right? ;)

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You not a Souls/Nioh fan or just thinking it's not going to make the mark?

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Really disappointing that you can't jump in until one of you has completed the mission

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I've had very little experience with the franchise so I wasn't expecting anything special but god damn. I've never played a game with the quality of side content that Yakuza 0 has. I thought the Real Estate was awesome and then I hit the Sunshine Club, so much fun. Lots of developers should take note, really added to the games depth.

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