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What you are basically saying is I can do the very same exercises at home and be healthy or at least in better shape but as soon as a game comes along that helps make the exercise more fun then it some how doesnt count. TO me in all honesty the stupid person is the one who assumes that everyone buys Wii fit will not benefit from it.
Wii fit was not made to get you ripped in 6 weeks dude. Healthy is its goal and it works great for that. I feel like when you think of Wii fit you think ...

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That would be nice. I'd like for it to see the success it deserves and sadly it isnt going to find that being an exclusive these days.

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Wii is still selling better than PS3 worldwide. Why are you kids so quick to call it dead when even this article talks about PS3 only outselling Wii by 6k in one single region. In every other region Wii outsells PS3. Every little sales spike you people come out and proclaim the death of the Wii. It is like you have no knowledge of sales spikes. Even the mighty PS2 had sales spikes on its way to 140million sold.

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Wait so now you are trying to say because the Wii controller was designed in a way to work with both left and right that some how that doesnt count? But a 3rd party controller that worked with 1 game is enough to say PS2 did it first.

Sorry but that is just complete ignorance and a true sign that you know I am right and just refuse to acknowledge you were wrong.

Please post some videos of you playing GT left handed or GOW2 left handed on PS2 or stfu.

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Props for saying that correctly. Seems most people on here say "your an idiot. Not that I agree with you it is just awesome to see someone on this site that actually knows something about the Engrish language beyond 6th grade

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Guitar hero? When did that become a console? I am talking about a console that allows it for almost every single game that comes out.

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Hey while you were in the future did you happen to grab any lotto numbers?

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He plays a lot of Wii games? Shouldnt he(like me and most lefties.) be use to it by now then? Your pathetic attempt at attacking me only brings more to my side than yours

As a left handed person I do not see an issue here. Anyone who has gamed more than a gen or two uses their left hand for analog control.

Oh but please continue to point out things that have no relevance and acting like you some proved me wrong by being able to read my name.

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Sony seriously has a patent for tech for reading peoples minds. I dont see it popping up in PS4 or any future console though.
Companies make patents all the time and never have anything to show for it. Just look at all the lawsuits Sony, and Nintendo got into at the beginning of this gen.
While Nintendo might have patent some form of holographic storage, it may never be made into a commercial product.

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Wait..What? I am a lefty and I use Wii sports resort the way everyone else does. Seems like some made up excuse from a right handed person looking for any excuse to bring down the hype for a game on another console...

Serious I don't get the control problem here.

Wait upon further reading it seems the writer is making this issue up. I mean forgetting that ANY lefty gamer got use to right handed controls years ago, they make it sound like using the Wii remot...

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Nearly instantly? They did not slow the video down that much dude. Sorry but you are no better than Kotaku spouting that BS.

The game loads fine but it takes time like any other game this gen.

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Sorry but since I am not a casual gamer I will not be buying Move. Do not own a 360 to even consider kinect. Unlike most of this site I am not a closet fanboy who trashes things til they are on my console. Let the casuals have their Wii clone. I'll stick to DS

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Kid I wasnt arguing with you or anyone else. Just stating a fact. There is a small paragraph for the Wii and half a page for 360 but most of the news in it is about Sony.
I am sorry that simple fact hurt your feelings and you felt the need to have an episode.

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They also said they were happy with HOTD and Madworld but we all know those were flops too.

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First I heard about it. I just do not go to Kotaku. Video is obvious but I just wish people would let it go. Seriously have you people never heard there is no such thing as bad publicity? If it werent for people being so upset over this I and many others here would have never even known about it. I am sure the extra revenue from hits to their site will make them regret this in every way....

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Seems Sony has the most good news.

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So saying LBP is a flop is now banable offense? Man you Sony fanboy mods are getting desperate and pathetic.. LBP flopped kids deal with it. I'll say it here every day from now on.. Banning someone for pointing out a fact even if it is negative to Sony is extremely low. I would love for the POS mod that deleted it to explain what was so wrong with my comment.

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The already make a better system than PS3. Its called Wii. Sales prove it on every front. PS3 is the least used console and the original xbox gets more play time than it does..Nobody buys PS3 games thats why they are all commercial flops.

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