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I think you mean Treyarch may surprise you. Infinity Ward has a proven track record,Treyarch not so much

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@Relcom.. I thought Crackdown required a harddrive also.

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Why/How could you even get on live without a harddrive? Most demos are 1GB and the largest memory card is 512mb so doesnt really make sense not to have a harddrive to be on live with new dashboard updates, themes, pics,songs..etc. That is why the Premium/Elite come with a month free of Live and the headset.

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ar You pay for a service and it doesnt matter what you do with that service. Thats crap

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This site has become absolute garbage.Having a debate is fine on systems.But when there is only mindless banter of "buy a PS3 trust me" " Ibuy PS3, I play PS3" "Ghetto ass system" should be stated as Ghetto ass fanboys. Since I should trust them...hell I am runnin to Best Buy right now. Is there a help wanted add placed by dire PS3 fanboys on the internet asking for help to sell their system of choice on N4G. In your spare time do you spam email and and act as t...

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Yes the USB device is a major failure. The anguish it will cause me is overwhelming. Thats what I will do buy a PS3 because of an ...u. s. b. add on. Its truly the end of the 360. Because of all the space I will save from not having the USB hub I will add a giant black PS3 in its place. Its obviously the most logical thing to do. Thanks PS3 fans Im sold. PS3 vs usb hub= no brainer.

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After playing the beta for an hour, this is the game I have been waiting for. I love Halo but I wish this game was coming out the 25th.

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I agree GOG and I am anticipating this as much as Halo. Go Infinity Ward!!

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Where does it say anything about ps3 games in the article pH3IID? Oh and nice avatar should lose all your bubbles for a personal attack.

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I have this game preordered but I am a little worried ,I played the demo its pretty fun for at least thirty mins a setting. I opened up the new OXM yesterday and they gave it a 7 out of 10. hmmmmm

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funny thats the only part of that article I have seen posted. Where is the part were he talks about how hard it is to make games with the cell and how he has asked Sony to have have rumble put back in there controllers. Then he states that MGS games have a dirtier look. This is actually taken from last months issue.

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had a flier in there window telling you to preorder crckdown and that it comes with a Halo 3 demo.

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I went to the local Walmart and was told that they were not receiving the allocated 10 consoles. They had two and 8 rainchecks which the employee said wouldnt be here till after christmas.

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SP good... are we playing the same game. I dont know a single person that I played COD2 with that has anything good to say about this game. One of my friends just wrote activision about how can they put out such garbage. I will give that there are a few levels that graphics really shine, then you jump to the next level ...looks like crap. Its like the game was not even done and they just threw it out. Actually the MP is the only part of the game that I play at all. Im glad you like the SP par...

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if COD3 is running 620,720 or 220. The game just blows...period. Damn you Treyarch how you ruined what Infinity Ward created in COD2.

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are sold at EB or Gamestop. I have them on mine and they look nice. This article is actually not true about all of them being out today. I have had the EB faceplate and skinz for two weeks.

5934d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment posted smetime as me.I see sorry for the smarta$$ comment.

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hmmmm..ok I wouldnt pay 500 for it either. Maybe 59.00.The online demo was good.So ok its worth 59.00.

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Well I dont believe it will be the worst controller ever and I also don't see how an informitive article wrote by any one would write that. I do see some weaknesses in it like the thumbsticks. I am really not sure how that is going to be good for an FPS. I also do not see how the Xbox 360 pad is an aweful pad. I have been using it for almost a year now, its great. As far as the Ps3 pad being aweful I will hold judgement till I play resistance. Even then, worst controller ever I doubt it.

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I bought this game in Nov still playin it online daily. I got every penny of my $59 bucks out of this one. Im glad to see its doin this well. As long as treyarch is showin COD3 the same lovin it'll be a warm winter this year to.

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