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PSP: Two analogue controllers is what you need (Lost count of how many times I've said this, If Sony do put dual analogues on the PSP2, I'll be getting it launch day)

PS3: Just a bit too expensive. Also all that fiasco with the boomerang controlled and a crippeled online system didn't do good at launch but glad they are sorting it out. The lack of backwards compatibility is more of an issue than some people realise and thankfully, Sony had the sense to upgrade the controlled t...

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I mean, would Nintendo actually want us to do something 'useful' with their DSI? This is why I have much more faith on the PSP, but you do need a hacked one to do all the really interesting stuff with..

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They should name and shame the author. I know a game is a game but really..

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You know I joke. Hmm.. Maybe It should go on my dating profile. Must be hot, hot at playing games.

This is a good thing.

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If Halo3 with items forge, gameplay video recording and it's incredible game party system... What isn't innovative about that?

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Lol, that video link made me laugh. I'm not sure if the guy inhaled the drugs before he did the video or injected them..

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However, I'm not so I'm not glad for this decision..


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You can't even see volumes or platform..

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A Skype rep told TechRadar: "Whilst we can't comment on any future plans to bring Skype to Nintendo's DSi, it would technically be possible."

Which, in a very roundabout way, means 'yes'.

How do you get to that logic?

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money into downloadable exclusives.

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they are hidden and safe behind the screens of their computer.

In the real world if they said half of the crap they say, they would have to put up with the retaliation rather than being able to just skip to the next comment or log out..

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I just wish the owners of this website would take not and maybe comment.

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Just give me another analogue controller and I'll buy it on launch day..

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Because they are developing a PS3 exclusive now?


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Now hold on there for a moment, as much as I love Halo3 online. I've still played alot more time on Counterstrike, you could say, one of the greatest, because there really are a few.

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