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If you did that you would still get all the diagrees from the losers out there.. Probably just because you put 360 and a smiley face on the same line.

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Sony are hated for their DRM policies and their continued lying.

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I reported you for language. There's no need for the G word, not even in the Open Zone.

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Big deal, I was over charged and accidentally charged for 200.00 the otherday, the company? Does it matter? The reason? Does it matter.

Sh1t happens, deal it it, they all make mistakes.

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I'll look forward to seeing if your maths match the real world.

You can probably apply a multiplier to those numbers because I think the west prefer shooters, say a small multiplier, 10%..

PS3: 847,000
360: 1,683,000

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I think PS3 and 360 were too busy going head to head than to try and take some of the Wii market.

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Sounds great and a good thing for everyone.

Aren't these batteries capacitor based? Or maybe, I'm just thinking of some other battery tech.

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Get over it, it's a bloody game.

What about racism in books huh????

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I think MS should have paid more and got a complete exclusive.

Buy blimey, I didn't realise the download sold 1 million, that's pretty good, however, they paid alot for the exclusive download..

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What's with the sue culture guys?

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into a slagging forum and not a news site.

I'm thinking that this is what the owners of this website maybe want??

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(see above)

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And I bought my console primarily to play online. So I play on the 360 as it's got the best online system. And I use a cable not wifi as it's the more reliable and fastest way to connect a device to a network.

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There is no way the old xbox is selling even 1/10th as well as the 360 in Japan.

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Considering where it was three years ago or with the old xbox.. It used to sell something like 20 units a week..

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The numbers in Halo3 are very easy to track, it shows you online players and even a world globe with dots to mark where the most players in the world are..

I think it was about 350k+ last time I checked but it was a funny time. And 50k were playing Grifball, which was just manic and fun!

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Anyone else play Grifball this weekend?

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Oh my god.. Kushan got disagrees for his sensible post on compression.

But you kiddish fanboys are dumb.

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