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One thing I will say is that the Halo trilogy at this point is probably better off without it's theme. I still want it but if I'm hoping the next Trilogy is built with that in mind.

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I guess to each there own. For me, I personally feel themes to be as important as the main character or universe within it. Could you imagine learning salsa, only to dance it to hip hop music. Or how about watching Star Wars with the original transformers cartoon intro theme. What's so hard to get about it?

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As long as they use the origInal Halo theme music and keep it about Chief, then I'm happy.

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I wonder how we would download games without internet? Possibly go into a game store and buy the downloads on usb?

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I definitely agree with this paywall Crap. MS needs need I drop it period. Makes no freaking since what so ever robbing it's fans.

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Man If you don't shut up lol. Xbox will be fine in due time.

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Cupid.....Is that a VR game? Looks really immersive!

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Glad you guys got Spider-Man and wish it were multiplatform, but I'm in no way jealous. I'm actually happy for you guys of that makes sense to you. Now of course If I really wanted the game I would just go out and get a ps4. I'm not really excited for horizon either but, it will be better game overall (in my opinion) fun wise then Spider-Man with wayyyyy more longevity and better visuals. Take away the spidersuit and then you simply have George of the jungle.

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Way to o many 3rd person games out there lately. Glad a developer is taking a Fps game!

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That's a lie. This is the 1st time we've ever heard MS officially say games are truly coming, since the launch of Xbox 360!

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Who said that? You guys need to relax! Xbox gamers and Sony gamers are gamers 1st.

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No current equivalent but something surely in the making. One thing that's for certain is Xbox X can definitely put out better looking games even though none have released yet.

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Yeah that does sound rather interesting.

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Let me know If you're willing to sell your Xbox one X? For a good price I would gladly pick it up.

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A new time can most definitely make a better game. It's happened in the past!

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Just curios. What games would have made you say good job if any?

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I loved Dead Space 2. Hope you enjoyed it! As for the month, it sounds great!

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You were not forced to buy anything! Sounds like you just want to complain in hopes of starting off a negative campaign against any MS momentum. It's not going to work this Time around.

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