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Hopefully if he decides to start his own company, it won't turn into another Mighty09 situation.

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No wonder these people haven't made a good game in nearly forever. Focus on hiring talent, not skin color

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When you got a hot load in your balls, you can use that to warm up the water. Our Samurai friend seems to have it down like a technique

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To them, I'd say "no one owes you representation." Plus, I think it's ridiculous to focus on trans issues on a game about a zombie apocalypse. The whole trans-revolution is something you only see in the most privileged first world districts. 3rd world countries don't even have time for that stuff. So it's even more ridiculous when the world setting is a zombie apocalypse. I'm pretty sure trans-rights would be pretty low on the list of priorities in that setting. ...

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When the water is too cold and you don't want to dip your feet in.

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Have you seen pitbulls lately?

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How funny would it be if articles like these caused the game to sell more. Thanks for bringing the game to my attention. If it has a demo, I'll try it out

EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw gameplay, and the game looks trash. I don't really care about the racism claims. The gameplay is what I actually care about, and it looks clunky

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Wait, so is this going to be a PS3 situation all over again? Where multiplats ran better on the 360 while the PS3 got the shorter end of the stick. Or is this situation different? From reading other articles, people were reporting that the PS5 will be even more developer friendly than the PS4. So how does this work out for multiplat devs??

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How bad was this? What did the usernames look like?

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It's a damn shame the company that made this game was shut down. This game was a true passion project. It wasn't filled with corporate bullshit. The developers intended to make a high quality and fun game. They succeeded artistically, but not financially (unfortunately). For anyone that wasn't able to support this game back then, please do it when the remaster comes out. This game deserves your money.

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I hate to be that guy, but WHY micro? Why not make it just a bit bigger? A lot of people that grew up in the GameGear Micro era are probably in their late 20s to mid 30s and probably wearing prescription glasses. People in general hate small screens. That's why there's a huge demand for larger screened phones in the mobile industry. Does it hurt make the screen size a bit more "normal?"

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For anyone new to anime, watch the following. These series are best for newcomers:
Death Note
Attack on Titan
Vinland Saga
Hunter X Hunter
Yu Yu Hakusho.

Most anime on the market suck, but I can guarantee you'll have a great time with those.

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What the actual fuck, everyone's dying all at once. Rest in peace though.
His legacy will live on forever as long as this game exists. I own the game but haven't gotten around to play it yet. I will do so in his honor .

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Congratulations, you're one of the 10 people that wanted to pay 20bucks for a 5-hour single player campaign with no multiplayer or spec ops. I'm sure that's what most COD players want, just the campaign. How exciting.

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The big deal is there's a lot of that don't care about MW2019 and just want a good ol'fashioned 2009 COD game. Some of us like old school and don't want to bother learning new maps in the MW2019 game.

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Oh yea, the tank controls hold up real well, don't they?

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This better not be a fucking April fools joke, I swear. My heart can't take much more of this. I've been waiting patiently the past few years for this. Don't play me anymore. Just take my fucking money
EDIT: Sorry, I just got overexcited and didn't read the whole article. Apparently, multiplayer is NOT included. The maps will be ported onto MW2019 multiplayer. Seriously? I don't like the maps in MW2019. I would prefer a game where I only have access to those juicy...

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Isn't it weird how violent crime rates are at an all-time low even though violent videogame sales are at an all-time high? It's almost as if violent video games have little to no effect on violence caused in the real world.

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Please don't excite my heart like this. Every fucking year dawg...

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