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Hmm that would be tough...if I only was able to buy one game, infamous or MGS, man, I'd have to go with infamous.I love metal gear but second son just looks so unbelievably awesome.

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Random comment is random.

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You are doing a huge disservice to yourself if you like infamous and you have not played fob. It is awesome.

This will be my third plat, too. Only series I have platted every game (100% in festival)

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The ps3 could not pull this game off. 1080p with destructible enviorments and high res textures and fire animations? No way.

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In 72 hours I will be heading off to downtown GameStop to get my number and stand in line for...MY PS4! HELL YEA!!!!

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STDs and alcohol...Ahh youth.

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Mmm I disagree. Its like a good movie starts then this 5 minute James bond intro starts and takes forever lol. I'd rather go from black screen to gameplay as fast as possible.

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Are you in Europe? Think of it as gaming karma for you guys getting sweet plus deals all the time lol.

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Wouldnt one of those curved OLED TVs achieve the same result as this?

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4 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!! I CANT TAKE IT!!!!


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@dominion. You report for using bad language then use the "s" word in your response. Herp derp.

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Wrong reply. Edited

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I'm so excited for it as well. I never played the other 2 (hangs head in shame).

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If valve bought Xbox it would be a whole new world. Wow. I don't know what I would do and I'm being totally serious. I love PC gaming just don't do a lot of it since I'm big on couch and controller and dedicated hardware and no driver issues and dealing with all that. But if valve took over Xbox and integrated steam....hmmm.

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Still a deal worth doing if you are planning on getting one later. You would buy these games then so might as well get one for free.

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"Game lineup is awesome" subjective. Personally, I prefer exclusive sony line up and higher resolution multiplats. Also, no stupid camera to set up. Also, 100 bucks cheaper.

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"its from Sony."



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Except I'm not really seeing a drought on the horizon. I really feel that sony has a lot of games forthcoming. Not just exclusives but there are a lot of multiplats, too. I mean at launch we have ACBF, Killzone, Knack, Battlefield 4 and Indies. Next year is Infamous, Watchdogs, Destiny, the division, the order 1888 and then we have Naughtydog, media molecule, sony Santa Monica all coming out with games.

I also expect a lot of "1080p" rereleases of this gens gam...

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I resent that!

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Agreed. They put even me to shame.

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