Get it through your head, PCs are upgradable. Owning a PC doesn't make you special. Get over it!


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Aw man.... here we go.

This is a great test. If PC gamers are indeed as mature as they think they are, a few things will happen.

A) They will be happy that all gamers get to experience this arguably great game.

B) Logic will prevail, and it will be obvious to them as everyone else that consoles and PCs are not geared to be on par graphically.

C) This game is years old, these comparisons will be deemed useless and they all wil...

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This is cool. Tho I do agree that a game doesn't always need multi, there is just something so fun about having a buddy over to share the experience with.

On a technical side, the graphics did seem to take a hit in split screen which is to be expected but the game still moved at a smooth rate.

I'm really looking forward to this game. Something about post end of the world exploration really appeals to me.

I guess consoles can still pum...

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If you have to make a point to explain why your troll sounding comment isn't trolling.... you are probably a troll. Think about that my friend.

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Lol. Seems like I hit a cord with the wang comment. Seems like if there wasn't some truth to it, the response would have been very mild.

Thanks Toman for the response, seems like you are a guy that can take a bit of a stinging comment and still keep it moving, which is less than I can say for your man crushes below. LOL.

@ Jack... some good points in your post, tho sounds to me like Tom has a full mastery of the English language. See, it's called answ...

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"And finally console gamers who had better thing to do with their money than to spend it on a glorified cyber wang of a pc can play this game, it was so much damn fun to play." FIXED

I cleaned up your grammar for free, or rather, did my best with what I was given.

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Might be better with the controller. They seem to have made some improvements, if your problem was a wide spread issue, I am sure they took a look at it.

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Someone sounds rather ANGRY.... U mad Mega??

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Lol. Way to state the obvious. The comment wasn't even needed bro. PC are upgradable, PC's look better, why even bother??

EDIT: Beat me to it Nathan... Well done sir.

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they are trying something a bit different.... that being said, I can't say that this will have me running to my local BestBuy to get a Kinect.

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I think Borderlands 2 will look close to this. If we can all think back, the art style wasn't cell shaded from the beginning, they had to adapt the art style to a pre-existing game.

This time, they are doing it from the ground up. I think the results are going to be insane.

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@ Jack who - Lol. Took you long enough to troll this article. Feel better now?? Quit being an A$$.

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Sick... framerate locked it seems. Very smooth animation, and the battles look like purposeful madness. I love it, can't wait.

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Here is your LINK sir... Enjoy.

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That's not long at all. Hopefully the game turns out well, good stuff.

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Calm down man, no one said you couldn't yet. Just wait like everyone else and see what they show us, then get all bent out of shape if you need to.

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@ nvm1987

And I quote from the article " NPC's will be fully animated and move around their locations, interacting with objects within their locations"

I don't see how he could be talking about the NPCs doing stuff around town, when in the same article he commented on it addresses that point directly. Either you are suggesting that he didn't read the article before he posted, or you didn't read the article yourself.


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So sales = "a worthy buy"??

You were saying?

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Well, considering that the world of Pandora is a wasteland populated by Vault hunters and the like, I think it is kinda accurate.

Think old west or frontier country.

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Seems fun, overall an excellent addition to the PS3 library. I have to say, I am looking forward to the single player and finding out what Hale was ranting about at the end of R2. Good stuff.

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The anonymity of the internet, allowing little punks like qzp to talk it up over the internet, while being real PU$$IES in real life.

Good luck with that.... bigot.

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