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Interestingly enough I had a really hard time with Cleric Beast. I am not sure why. I had to summon someone to help. But Father G I beat on the third time relatively easily. I'm now on BSB and haven't faced him yet just unlocked the shortcut to him. I am going to go back on a new character and beat Cleric by myself, though. So I can at least say I did it by myself lol.

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I played as only Warlock, I didn't have a lot of time to play it, unfortunately. I will be doing a Warlock and Hunter for sure. I really loved the game. It is fantastic.

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Actually, Toukiden is being released in Feb in NA. Ragnarok Ace is scheduled for release in NA, and smae with Gravity Rush 2.

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Can't wait to play this!

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Didn't know there was ten games coming out...


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Haha. Thats my first and middle name. My son is named Zachariah.

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Loved this game! 9/10 for me. Great story, and gameplay.

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They are a new review website.

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Vita games are typically priced at 39.99.

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I really only play SP now a days, so SP. But I mean, for shooters it has to be MP.

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Purple nurples for the win

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Awesome. Haven't played. Will download for sure.

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Probably my most sought after game right with the division.

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Nah. It was a game that never would have appealed to me on the PS2 when I had it. I don't keep older systems usually.

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I find certain games to fit the vita MORE than a console. I would have NEVER played P4G had it not been for the vita. As well as YS Memories of Celceta, Tearaway. And I will definitely get Borderlands on it. Ports are welcomed, as long as they are done great. If I haven't played the game, I will pick it up.

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Awesome. Enough for me!

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The Last Of Us. Tearaway. Fire Emblem Awakening and Bioshock Infinite for me.

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@tubers exactly. Some retailers even know they are in high demand and are selling them overpriced. example: Amazon currently has some for sale for 599. Now wouldn't you rather get a vita with it? ;)

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Right, which would be retail price for both. What he's saying is Sony would be smart to bundle them together so more people end up buying the Playstation Vita.

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