Tired... so very tired.


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Those are tough... I know maybe one or two only. Props to who ever get's all five.

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What's a fail is that you're pushing your own duplicate stories.

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I'd have to say the whole mass effect way of traveling was a nice attempt, but ultimately a failure...

... also, how about flying airships :P?

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X-Files lol! I remember that... man, does that make me old?

Killzone is no competition for Call Of Duty though.

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Wild Gunmen Magazine gave Modern Warfare 2 a 7/10.... so, ya.

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Theater mode has been done before, sure. But it's never been done properly in a way that was available for the masses. I think that's why they're calling it revolutionary.

Just think about all the kids who already upload millions upon millions of YouTube videos on Call Of Duty.

What could potentially be revolutionary about Black Ops is that it is accepted by all gamers, not just PC gamers.

My $0.02.

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Well, the review was written after 10 hours of multiplayer gameplay alone. The campaign is supposed to be around 10 hours as well.

So, where are you getting 10 mins from exactly? Did you bother to read before you bothered to comment?

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Another Saw game! I'm so excited! *Sarcasm +10 points

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I still enjoy trying to make characters in these games fall in love with me... I know, pretty gay.

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^^ LOL! Sexiest Shepard ever!

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I'm just tired of the mass amount of "Sexy Women" lists on here. Also, you might not know it, but there are quite a few women gamers out there.

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Sam Fisher in Conviction even had me swooning. What a man.

I'm extremely glad Gordan Freeman isn't on this list.

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Haha, that was a pretty epic review. I also remember those stupid plastic race horses in my arcade. You could not ride those things without looking like a retard.

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This doesn't confirm anything new.

All it's hinting at is what was already confirmed... that the old Nazi Zombies map will be included in Black Ops.

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By my count, there were only 3 of his 50 some-odd clips that showed him using the heartbeat sensor... so, your point?

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I like Glimpse Dog.

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Nice, I love seeing different national forces... no specialty sniper team though? Aren't Canadians famous for their snipers?

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Not in a long time haha... like, a long long time.

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I thought Gret Fox was Deep Throat? No?

Didn't he come back in MGS2??

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Rikimaru should be number one... the dude is the epitome of a real ninja.

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