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Any time one of these major console companies snatches up a major developer we shouldn’t be applauding it. It’s a win for Microsoft, but not for gamers in general (and definitely not for PS5 owners).

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Is your argument that people who have to buy budget items don’t care if the item is inferior? I really don’t think that’s true. People don’t buy budget items because they don’t care, they buy them because they can’t afford the more expensive items, or because they don’t understand the difference.

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I could see Series S being a popular price point for parents over the holiday, and more so if the parent has a Series X and wants to game with them (I have 4 kids, so I really, really get it). Also, anyone who has one is going to pine for the Series X, so I could see them replacing the series S with an X later on.

Personally, though, I don’t like it. I think there’s going to be a lot of compromise there on game fidelity, and no one wants to start of a new console gen thinki...

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Well, in the current climate, they missed an opportunity to include Black Panther as a main lead. That said, this game really isn’t the problem, it’s the stage that was already set by Marvel playing the profitability game. The fact is, whether we like it or not, humans tend to look up to protagonists who they share similarities with, and Marvel will cater to the largest demographic to increase the amount of money they can make.

Black Panther is cool enough in his own right ...

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Everyone I know who plays Star Citizen enjoys playing Star Citizen. Crowd funding, as a rule will either result in a game or disappointment. At least with this, I can have some fun playing while I wait and see if there’s ever a finished product. If it doesn’t pan out, than I paid for several years of an Alpha, which was fun even if it wasn’t finished.

Do I think that we need some results soon, yes. I think waiting until there is a pandemic to demand the results is lousy tim...

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Last article I read about this, Nomura talks about breaking it into smaller parts, and everyone assumes that this means that we’re going to get a slew of tiny FFVII games, and has a collective cow. Then we get one that explains that he is talking about spreading the work in smaller chunks across a larger number of teams to get it done faster, not releasing it in tiny chunks, and no one even comments to say, “Oops, we clearly misunderstood that.”

Of course, I don’t know why ...

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Im sorry you didn’t like it.

A lot of people agree with me, some who have never played the original, but I don’t expect everyone to agree. I tend to stay away from negative generalizations about the opinions of others. I don’t think it adds much to the conversation, and it’s kind of rude.

Anyway, I stand by what I said about it. One of my favorites of this console generation. Extremely fun and lovingly made. I will just have to come to terms with how inf...

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I played FFVII on the original PlayStation in 1998 and thought it was the greatest game I’d ever played at the time. It drew me in like nothing I’d played before.

This remake has done the same. It managed to take a classic and turn it into something fresh. The cinematic quality of the characters, music, and story all blends seamlessly with the gameplay. This was clearly a labor of love for the people at Square-Enix. I have not been this drawn in to a story since FFVII and F...

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Everything should be free, with no microtransactions. Then the gaming industry would be awesome.

In fact, the government should just develop the games, too and then roll those microtransactions into our tax bill...

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If you get some enjoyment out of something, there's value there. $3000 is too much for a virtual spaceship though... those people are more interested in making sure the game succeeds than flying the ship.

At this point, the promise of the completed game is worth more to some than money. It is the dream game for the kids that grew up watching Star Wars. Some people will pay a lot for the chance to be a child again.

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@cell989 It's unfinished, but there's a game there, so we can agree to disagree on that one.

@Longadog Defending it is easy. Some of us like it and can see the progress that's being made. Do I have an investment in it, sure, but I'd tell you if I didn't like it and it sucked. Here's a good example: I bought Atlas because I thought it looked cool. I didn't like it, and the experience kind of sucked.

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The disagrees clearly show that your opinion and experience have no meaning, and that everything you are saying and think about the game is wrong. SamPao, there is no free fly this week. It's a figment of our imagination.

Seriously, though, I completely agree with you, JackBNimble. The alpha is amazing to look at, and give a feeling of immersion and realistic simulation, even in its incomplete state, that I haven't se...

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@jukins Too bad I can't stand Eve, and it plays nothing like Star Citizen. At least compare it to Elite Dangerous.

Also, I guess if I've been robbed, then I've been robbed by the makers of every game I've ever enjoyed. If this is being robbed, I guess I don't mind being robbed more often. I hope they continue robbing me for some time.

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What does everyone expect backers to say? Do you expect us to say, "Oh yes, we hope it fails and that there's never a game." Do you expect us to say, "Oh, CIG sucks, and they should be shut down?"

I know that they've mismanaged money, but there's already more than a tech demo here, and it's closer to life-like realism in graphics than anything else on the market. The ships are beyond cool to use and to fly. Sure it's taking forever, b...

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It's a shame that more companies don't have the same attitude as them.

I'm not saying that I enjoy games like Sekiro/Bloodborne/etc., because they're really not my cup of tea, but clearly many people enjoy them. It's the attitude that games should cater to most players that has watered down the gaming experience in so many titles. I see a lot of this in MMOs (where are the true EverQuest and Ultima Online successors?) and also in the Battlefield series, ...

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This is a a tough one. My favorites would include:

Super Mario World
Mortal Kombat 2
Gran Turismo 2
Disney's Magical Quest
Max Payne 2
Super Star Wars series
Battlefield 1942

Yeah, they're all old, and the list is far from complete, but these are some of the ones that I have the fondest memories of. Ask me in 20 years time, a...

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Aside from the server issues (and they'll iron those out), the biggest problem I see with the beta is the revives. Not enough time to get to people before they respawn, and no marker at all on the screen unless they ask for one (and even then it doesn't stand it enough). The uniforms are similar enough that I've found myself occasionally trying to revive a downed enemy.

To make it worse, they only give you 25 points for a revive. For all the talk about this game...

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You may find, as you get older, that Nintendo focuses on one thing that gets left out of a lot of the PS/XBox titles: fun. Don't get me wrong, I have a PS4 that is my primary system, and I play on it every day, but sometimes I have to sift through a lot of crap aimed at the "older than ten-year-olds" to find the fun. Difficulty is not fun. Superior graphics are not fun. Sex/violence/mature content are not fun. Fun is in the game design: level design, and mechanics, and no one tr...

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I'm thankful for my children, and I'm thankful for all the great games that they get to play, but I'm also thankful that they still like to go back and play the games that I grew up on.

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When they slashed the price of the HP Touchpad in the US, they sold tons of them really fast.

I guess my point is that increased sales aren't always a good indicator that everything is going well. There are lots of other factors to consider.

Do I have to buy the console as part of a bundle? Are they throwing in other things to make the console more appealing?

We spend too much time looking at pure sales numbers. There are many other fact...

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