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This is interesting. I hope it turns out to actually 'be' something and not just a PR stunt.

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PC for me for over 10 years.

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I'm not a fan of game developers complaining about systems. There are plenty of systems available for the games, or they can make the changes to their game for a system.

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What other games use the pill form?

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That is pretty sweet. I'd also like to see more customizations. Though some might be a tad much; can you imagine a Leisure Suite Larry customized console? LOL

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Thanks for the advice, I'll do that (for both).

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Enough to play for 27 hours? Don't take a bathroom break and get the record!

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I know it's nostalgia, but the first was the best.

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Legacy of Kain, that brings back memories! I'm not familiar with Orcs and Men, so now I'm going to have to check it out.

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Any opinions on why developers have not put effort into creating a quality sandbox set in the Wild West for PC?

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There enough good development companies that could make a quality game, and there are so many crappy games published all the time that I really don't understand why one hasn't been made.

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This will definitely eat a bunch of my time.

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I feel the same. I haven't had any desire to immerse myself in any of the recent games. They seem like they're trying too hard to make something spectacular and as the authors states, too much is taken from familiar tropes.

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I'm convinced, time to get back into the series.

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If this helps encourage and educate, then I'm all for it. This has fantastic potential.

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