I can't believe it's not BuT_TeR


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It's all about heavy marketing. PS3 has more variety and IMO better games, but MS is so good at marketing they can make people believe games like CoD and Skyrim are 360 exclusives.

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Only one worth $110 out of the three is CoD. Skyrim and BF3 are basically the same old stories from the last games.

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Mario Kart 7! Nintendo really knows how to be creative and developing new games that feel fresh. Too much pointless sequels these days, Nintendo really knows how to raise the bar!

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This game would be above average if they weren't so concerned about being politically correct. That's the problem with alot of games these days, too worried about what the zealous think but never what's really important.

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All he does is research but never takes his projects into full fruition. Someone please tell me when this guy actually contributes to the gaming industry.

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Save your money and get OnLive. Better graphics, smoother gameplay, and cheaper instant gaming.

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