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If you believe that adding a black person to anything, is forcing diversity, then I believe that says more about you than anything else. You need to look at yourself and ask, "Why do I feel that way?" and perhaps, challenge that feeling a little bit.

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Let's wait and see what happens on Thursday with the showcase eh?

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Short answer: It depends

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I'm loving it. Happy to pay £25 to upgrade my PS4 copy to PS5, with all the new content that comes with it. Iki island is fantastic. Loads more to see and do.

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The movie has been announced. Director of John Wick....Unless this is what you were referring to?

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Hahaha This Brewin chap is like one of those little dogs barking at everything it sees. And everyone just pats it on the head and says, "awww look at him". Bless his little cotton socks.

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This x100. Returnal has been my favourite game on PS5 so far. But I'm absolutely loving Hades. Why does there have to be a loser?

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How did you not get this?!

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Everyone in the whole world: "It's a PC"
VivaChe: "It's not a PC"

There's just no way of knowing who's correct

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Look for compatible drive, open case, plug in drive, done. I installed mine tonight and it couldn't have been more simple

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@Teflon02 Your 970 isn't the same spec. Gen 4 PCI-E runs at much higher temps under load. And tests show that drives without a heatsink in the PS5 run at significantly higher temps, which throttle them and potentially reduce life span. Everybody should either buy one with a heatsink or add an aftermarket one, for the sake of £10, you'd have to be an idiot not to

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I bought this yesterday. They were selling out pretty quickly on Amazon at the time

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Getting the consoles out of their original packaging is more confusing and difficult than installing the NVME drive. But wait what about all those confusing requirements?! The drive has to be a certain speed and a certain size?! There's no way I can figure that out! But then again, I'm sitting here in the dark because I cant figure out how to change a light bulb. All those different screwy bits and numbers

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Returnal had a better attach rate that Bloodborne. When it launched I specualted that Sony would be satisfied with 350k sales. As far as I'm concerned, it's been a massive success for what is essentially a fairly niche title

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Higher attach rate than Bloodborne. So I'd say it did brilliantly

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I like how the article mentions that neither Sony or Nintendo are working on their won subscription services. Are we just flat out pretending that PS Now doesn't even exist now?

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@deitylink Sony said they'd reveal their response to gamepass, not their own version of gamepass. That response could be any number of things to make their value proposition more compelling. It doesnt mean that theyre automatically going to release a competing subscription service. PS Now may not be as objectively good value as gamepass, but it already represents good value and is a decent subscription based service.

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But theyre not paired with a decent gpu

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It may do well, but will still be relatively niche and won't trouble Sony MS or Nintendo

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Exactly. I've got so much mileage out of PS+ already this gen. Control ultimate edition, Wreckfest, which I play every night with my mates, Plague Tale looks great and was in my backlog. All are next gen versions, all available on day of release. But yeah, I don't get the next gen update for Greedfall, I'm devasted. Subscription cancelled!!!!

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