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That's sad. I did forsee this happening, looks very much like a watch dogs level of disappointment. Combine that with lack of replay ability and generic story telling... you see the numbers supporting my argument I really don't need to add anything further.

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The game is a 9/10. Graphically, Gameplay, Multiplayer, Snapmaps. It has more content than 90% of games released today. Its a whole, complete game. Something of a rarity in the modern age of gaming.
You can tell the reviewer was born after 1990, he doesn't appreciate the classic style of shooters.

Anyone who actually DOES like the game, Join me online in my ps4 community Cyberdemon Club. 20 members so far, multiple snapmaps published, an engaging leader, anyo...

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If you're on ps4, join Cyberdemon Club, a community of people to group with, share screenshots, videos, snapmaps, and have fun. Recruiting now! Anyone is welcome to join.

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If anyone is playing on Ps4, search for Cyberdemon Club in communities. Group up for online matches, share screenshots, videos, snapmaps and hang out with a bunch of people enthusiastic for Doom. Or message me on PlayStation, psn name BuckyBarnes

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Haven't played a new game like this in about 15 years. Everyone complaining are likely campers/no scope snipers who have no clue about arena shooters. They will die gloriously.

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Basically the guy is saying "we know everyone won't agree with these changes, but they are far less vocal and less likely to draw national news coverage, so we are bending to the femnazis will."

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So, let's dare not review a fighting game based upon quality of the fighters or the frame rate, or the general balance of fighters. Let's review based on lack of arcade mode? Are you kidding me? Most people that play fighting games DO NOT play for arcade mode. We play against our friends mostly, in local tournaments, and lastly, online. This game is brilliant. No more focus, means all the fadc spammers will be eating my foot and fists. I give this a 4/5 because online is still a bit l...

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Best Day Ever.

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While I know this is just about money, and making lots of it, I still don't like this decision. Smart phone games are hollow, even Mario can't save them. If the mindless masses who love candy crush and whatever other dumb zynga game they eat up, Nintendo will end up making a lot of money.
I just hope they make a good next console. I want my regular controller back. I want them to focus on games instead of innovation. The next innovative thing for gaming is VR. You can't e...

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Personally, my favorite game of the show was an indie game called Jotun. The artwork was magnificent, the gameplay was simple but hard, and the tone of the game was somber. The closest game in comparison is a 2d hand drawn shadow of the colossus. You play a Viking warrior (female!) Who is trying to rid the world of these giant monsters for an unknown reason. I literally brought all 6 of my friends to the booth and made them play.
The artist behind the graphics, I thought was super ho...

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Sad that the smaller new 3ds isn't coming to the states. I really wanted the smaller one. The xl is too big.

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Should add, if its better for a console before PC master race says hello guy shows up. Lol

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Name me 1 other game out right now, that isn't a racing game, that let's you co-op play through the entire game with up to 3 friends and then work with 5 other friends for the endgame content?

Its not that its a great game, its the fact that its one of the only true co-op games to ever be released since CONSOLES went online. Then you add in a PvP experience where you take your actual character that you just spent 10+ hours on WITH his weapons AND abilities, and fight...

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You people know that game development takes roughly 1-2 years right? They aren't pulling things from Destiny to hold for D2. Calm down people, unless you want a new game every year with minimal change like Madden, CoD, etc.

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In direct contrast to these statements, every store I went into (around 5) had literally a mountain of xb1's as tall as me (5'10") and ps4 had roughly 6-8 consoles left. At 8pm at night Black Friday.

Realistically, I don't trust these numbers. Probably took sales #'s direct to the stores, in that case, Microsoft shoved a BUNCH more units to every store to inflate numbers. They do it every year.

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No Cammy!? OUTRAGEOUS!!!!
Cammy has the best video game butt in gaming history. Her British accent is just a bonus.

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Tempted to buy an xb1 just for this collection...

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Oh, didn't know that. Makes sense. Now I feel like a dumbtard.

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Find it hard to believe, where are all the other enemies that spawn? Sure wasn't that barren when I did the raid, even on normal, waaay more enemies than that.

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The demo was slooooowwwww. Everything wizards does digitally is so agonisingly slow..speed things up. Not impressed with the demo at PAX. almost a 2 hour wait to demo a game that I only got to take 4 turns on.

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