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undercovrr you broke the first two rules of Project Mayhem.

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They do try to innovate, but they're not even reaching their full potential. They add a few good things, and wait for the next year to add more. Plus what the hell is this "living rosters" BS? It updates every 2 weeks and only updates superstars. The less known players aren't updated and certain popular teams and players get unfair ratings. I'm a Lakers fan and look at Shannon Brown's rating. Way overrated.

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How about actually updating the rosters properly and everyday, instead of every 2 weeks. Then maybe you can fix the broken online and this stupid "tipping the ball" by enemy A.I when their backs are toward the ball.

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The guy writing the article has a grammar mistake in the first sentence.

"Its" not It's".


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The guy spelled "Jordan" wrong...

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I love gamesharing. Don't you? My rich friend bought so many games and other things.

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I'm not a big fan of it but I'm alright with it. I just remember the PS2 days doing Jak 2 missions with one bar of health left, beating a difficult mission, and feeling nice :P

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It's because as bad and broken and horrible COD is obtaining many complaints from me and my friends, it's still addicting and as much as we play U2, NBA 2K10, K2, we still end up playing COD.My friend b*tches about COD 24/7 and got Battlefield but still ends up playing COD most of the time. Perhaps the friends who are always on it contributes a lot to it. Friends who aren't really "gamers".

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They're running out of ideas. After Johto, Pokemon slowly went downhill. Like how many legendaries are there now? They just keep trying to make the next legendary more and more powerful and the stories are now messed up.

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You're a Celtics fan aren't you. Lmao LAKERS! But come on, you don't cheer for a team? You don't have a favorite pokemon or video game character? They're all fake too you know.

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Sigh... Microsoft had better fix those problems on the S.

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Bleh all motion controllers are pathetic in my opinion. It's jut Kinect looks the most retarded.

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The only cool thing about Kinect is that it makes you feel like you have the force when you navigate through the menu. How long will that novelty last lol?

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I'm a huge Sony supporter but this is a stupid move if it's real. Seriously, even if I don't use CGC that much, some of my friends do and they will not be pleased by this.

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Is that Nate Robinson doing the new commercials? lol

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Remember guys, he'll turn into bad and then good. This is probably the neutral Cole. Wait till we hear from the Good Cole or the Bad Cole. :)

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All we need left is Jak </3 my favorite superhero during the PS2 days.

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Then they'll get some new guy to front their commercials named Devin Sutler. Still, the new xbox looks alright, but the missing features are finally in the console. Now if they only would make online free and get some new ip's I'd actually get one.

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I want:

- Cheats, skins, extras, etc.
- More things to do after you beat the game.
- Possibly customize Cole's powers or have more deadly powers :)
- Boss fights like in Spider-man 2. Where they go around the city or something.

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Yawn... looks like 3 horrible maps plus 2 from COD4. Why don't they give us all the COD4 maps for free? It looks like they just colored Vacant a different colour. OMG they added a backdoor to one of the buildings in Strike. /s

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