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Previous generation it was debatable...
This year, and this generation so far, PS4 is dominating in all aspects.

MS showed they are willing to take deep losses to keep the XBone relevant. Some of the deals was just crazy... and even if the PS4 wins out on the visuals, gameplay is the same and if you are not watching them side by side or check with a magnifying glass, then the XBone visuals are pretty much similar enough, that for very low price and free games and gift...

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jena se qua

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XBone selling badly WW, so they had all the inventory available for US and HAD to get it moving - otherwise no drop in stockpile inventory, meaning no new model to cut costs...
So - heavily discounted, bundled with additional games to get the stock moving.

Sony had no such problem, moved more stock WW anyway, so they would either drop the price and not have enough stock to match demand, and only lose on the extra $$ from a price drop.

Both did what ...

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External Drive support would be nice.
The rest... meh

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And again - PS4 is more than the rest of the market combined.
Total domination.

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PS4 is more than the rest of the market combined!
Actually very close to double the rest of the market combined...
Total domination

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Windows XP -> Windows 7 -> Windows 9
Skip Vista and 8

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It is always about how many successful products a company can shift.
Sony's other divisions was bleeding money for a long while...
But in this year, at long last, Sony has released some good products in the mobile space. I expect that their new lineup of phones, which I don't know what took them so long, has a bit of market attention. So before you write off the other Business Divisions as a total loss, they may just surprise you and see a turnaround in this year.

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Nice selection of cars

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Was hoping for offline play. South Africa internet is not so good.
Oh well... waiting for Uncharted and next MGS rather.

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Ooooh look....
Just like many previous times we will see VGChartz correct the numbers. They had the XBone "winning" many previous times - only to change the numbers later on... Will happen again.

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And btw...
Pachter - who listens to this idiot? He is consistently proving that he has no idea what he is talking about.

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Just more current traditional content will be streamed. It will simply mean that consoles - which is simply - dedicated high-end gaming hardware will focus on where exclusive content will not be delivered via straming - for example where the bandwidth will just not be able to stream the high data requirement. For example High-res 3D games.
Online gaming will evolve, but so will console gaming.

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Well... VGC will show the launch month as 5M sold and have XBone on 10M

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So released on XBone in Feb 2014 and released on PS4 in August 2014... and so far XBone version sold more than PS4 in six months when the PS4 version is out for less than a month and you are surprised?
Geez... give it three months at least.

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Move controller games was good. The Sports games like table tennis and the others was good. Spend many an hour with it. Any racquet, club or bat type game works great with Move.

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Golf was very good with Move.
The Fight is very good.
Really hoping for Fight Night with Move controller option. That will be awesome.

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Uncharted sells more than TR on PS. Uncharted releases in the same time period. So PS4 owners will play Uncharted and XBone owners will play TR.
Couple of months later PS4 owners will get to play TR as well. XBone owners will not get to play Uncharted.
Any questions?

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Both look very good.
FH2 looks a bit too reflective and shiny... but it should not distract from the gameplay.
Lots of racing games incoming.

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