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I forget that these games have stories and emotions and stuff.
I thought the ending (the ruling Albion bit) was a neat change from the boring old Same-Fable-Start-To-Finish.
That said, I've never really been super entertained by a Fable game all the way through.

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Let me just defend my scoring real quick. . .

To be honest, it's the way I do my rubric. I really hate grading out of 10, because I think it's not possible to distinguish the difference between an 8 and a 9, or even 8.5 and 9.

Unfortunately, in this industry, 1-10 scales have become the standard, and in some cases, even 1-100 scales.

When I give a game 4/5 across the board, it means I feel that a game is incredibly good, but is not ...

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I really don't feel that the terribly optimized graphics deserve a 5. If you read my rubric, you'll understand why. Unlike most people, when I say a 0-10, I mean 0-10.

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