viva la vita


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But...but....but ps4 only have indie games and they suck/s

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Looks like the same $h!t to me! maybe cuz the.footage is on xbox one so probably 720p/30 fps so lets wait.for a gen footage (ps4- 1080p/60fps) lol

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Sssshhhh don't say that can't you see xbots said ps4 doesn't have games lol i love this game too let then have their titanfall/fps games sony variety in games not like xbone whit their.fps games

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But.but. The ps4 games!!! Poor xbones and their excuses same like last gen they keep on saying ps3 have no games and we all.know how that end up xbox 360 no games

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And you forget sony still outselling xbone in the same 13 territories they have released so what's your excuse for that? Even in the US ("xbox territory") ps4 is.outselling xbone by more than 200,000 units

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And xbone still cant catch ps4 in the US market! lets even forget worldwide sales lol even whit all the titanfall,new sdk,direct x 12,more games etc etc.excuses sony more than 200,000 units and doubles.the.sales of.xbone.worldwide can you.imagine once we start getting the ps4 games!
Oh.well the.beautiful final fantasy 14 a real 1080p/60fps next gen game

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man thats really good price for a 4k now does vizio is any good???? i need a new tv for my bedroom but i don't trust a no famous brand but i really want a 4k

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but....but...the clou.. ahhhhhh is not even funny anymore *in trevors voice from gta 5*

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Welcome to xbot helper, please choose your excuse;

A-) Cloud will make it better.
B-) New patch will make it better.
C-) New SDK will make it easier to develop games running at 1080p.
D-) ESRAM will be utilized soon.
E-) I don't care about graphics, gameplay is more important.
F-) Who cares, we have Titanfall.
G-) I don't see any difference.

lol poor xbones are still in denial that ps4 is the more powerf...

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what about the xbone versionnnnnn upps lol my bad hey at least xbone have games while ps4 seems like not lol :-P go ps4

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lol i though he was referring to the kingdom of OZ

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are they using the powaaa of the cloud for this game too??? cuz thats the reason xbones said the xbone.will.destroy the.ps4 lol what a big disappointment they will have then :-P

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but...but...but the cloud!!!

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the real powaaa of the cloud.....

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is not a game that is graphically demanding let us not fall in the same xbone ideas that a game not demanding looks good in 1080p/60fps *cough forza 5 cough*

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nope i saw houses all the way from.daytona fl to new Jersey i can confirm USA people cant build houses you use cheap materials (gupsum walls,wood,particle board,mdf) that wont last a tornado even worst a earthquake and not oly europe build houses (that last) of bricks and concrete all latin american countries middle east,asia I'm not sure about Australia But in the USA you can punch your arm trough a gupsum wall easily and I'm sure a bullet can go in a USA house btw ...

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yeah man it was so funny when i.went to an american.lady house she.was so.proud of her.million dollar house and i was thinking to.myself oh lady you got rip off so.bad i can believe they make houses like that in the USA whit cheap recycled materials no.wonder a little bit.of water or.wind destroy them so easily those houses wont last 50 years compare to the.houses build in (i work building houses in my country)

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that depends if is one of those crappi houses they make on the USA (gypsum walls and wood)than yeah a bullet will go from side to side but if the wall is made like in the rest of the world (bricks and concrete) it will be harder to go trough :-P

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Japaneses cant.make good games no.more except for this man any game kojima make is a blockbuster I'm still waiting for something made of nomura or ueda to.see if.I'm wrong i do hope I'm wrong cuz i use jap games (square,capcom,konami,atlus,ni ntendo,sony japan studios)

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